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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Clean Energy In The Power Grid

The composition of the river in Germany is varied. In addition to traditional energy producers, such as coal and nuclear plants, more renewable energy sources are developed. This includes the wind turbines and hydroelectric plants. Hydropower stations are located in Germany, mainly in dams or run as...

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Life Lessons

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 19-12-2012



The life taught Assay to me: Rubens of Muniz Jr To believe the people who I love, without borders, barriers or documents To leave that the smile is owner of my being, exactly that many people do not like and arrive to think badly of me. That it thus does not matter if to think, the important one is to show them that I am different, I try and I look for to improve, qui for many To be good. To want that everything was transparent to be well, exactly when the adversity my door to beat, and in my Faith to say: – Patience! One day everything goes to move. To more want to hear and to remain been silent, therefore my errors one day lesson of knowing. That the Life examples left, to be makes better you well, to your eyes and of the creator.

To have courage to fight against all the injustices that, permeiam and stifle shouts of the forgotten ones. To be magnanimous, gentile and to overflow love to that, they look for to me with problems for minor that they are to leave with the hope fortified in its hearts. To learn to pardon and ties to love to that, for reasons which I am unaware of, with words, gestures or actions, try and arrive me to hurt. To love, to ask for pardon and to transform me into the humble creature that I try to be. For where I to pass, to take joy. To seat me and to be able to count histories for that, still they believe That to dream exactly for a few seconds, our thoughts if lessen.

That the life is a story, and can through our acts transforms it into reality, That to cry is an act of same courage that, for us it is of pain or suffering. That valley the penalty To live, therefore each instant is a happiness gift. That the future does not have to be feared, and that the past does not have to be forgotten, Therefore together they construct the tomorrow-gift, Of Love, pardon and justice. The life taught to me Not to have fear of being happy.

State Economic

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For its if tourist cannot forget the increase in the number ambulant salesmen caused by the arrival them, mainly in the beaches, that of certain form also contribute significantly for the production of the capital. However, he is through these condicionantes factors that we can evidence the economic importance of the secondary and tertiary sectors for the city of the Christmas. These two together ones have proportionate to this city a sped up development that together with other internal and external factors has made of Christmas a city of great economic power. What it concerns the space relocalizaes of these sectors we can only infer that this does not pass of a singular characteristic the cities that are passing for the process of economic and urban development. It fits, therefore, now, to the governing to use to advantage this phase of development and to contribute still more with politics of improvements for even though economic infrastructure and, so that this city is symbol for the too much cities of the State to potiguar even though or of the country. 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES the State of the Rio Grande of the North have until the present time a economy directed mainly toward agriculture, fruticultura, carcinicultura and mineral extrativismo amongst others.

However, these activities more notadamente occupy a place of bigger importance in neighboring areas the Christmas and in the interior of the State. According to research carried through for construction of this document in them was possible to conclude that the city of the Christmas presents fort trend for the industry and the commerce, beyond the tourism that also has contributed for economic reinforcement. However they are the industry and the commerce the great boosters of the development of this city. They are reasons of great attraction for hundreds of people who look in Christmas better quality of life through the job chance and consequently to be able to live with more dignity.