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Catholic Church

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 19-01-2013

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How serious a mocho people sometimes without a Governor of equal caliber? Emilio Gonzalez Marquez has been characterised by providing support in more than once to the Catholic Church. This would not seem problem if support were fair to other cults, but is quite obvious preference of the Governor toward the Catholic Church. As an example, the donation of about 90 million pesos of public funds in support of the construction of the shrine of the martyrs, site devoted to the participants of the Cristero war and promoted by Cardinal Juan Sandoval iniguez. The donation was made under the excuse of promoting religious tourism, but in the end, the Catholic Church decided to reject the donation to appease criticism. On the one hand, if the majority of the people had been in accordance with this Act, we could say that Jalisco are deeply religious, almost polled, but to have a divided society, we can only say that we are left with the nickname of religious and how not do it when there are other fundamental priorities to attend. This has not been the only act that has sparked controversy among society, other figures as 30 million for the pilgrim route, 1 million for the Temple of Yahualica, 15 million for the Diocesan Bank of food and 800 thousand dollars in Christmas figures donated to the Vatican summed total 136.8 million dollars in donations (Baptist), suggest that the Governor has a mocho complex or simply searches the popularity through a pact with the religion. If the first thing in a State where the separation is assumed with the Church with what face accepts donations that institution, knowing that the money comes from the public purse? And with what right the Governor promotes such donations? If outside the latter, simply the Act would in a failed strategy to gain popularity, that tries to take advantage of true religiosity of the people.

Being a person who is considered as passive Catholic at times, I see Jalisco society with an air of high religiosity, but It only reaches the end during certain times of the year in which crying and fatigue appear to be synonymous with fervour and loyalty, but it should be noted that this phenomenon is not unique to the State, is a common denominator throughout the country. Heritage left by our Pathfinders and powered by our traditions, our country religious cult is part of our culture and how good Mexicans who we are, do so at least once a year we remember and celebrate until the degree of falling into extreme points. No doubt Jalisco has been, is, and will remain, at least in the immediate future, a religious town with its sporadic polled days and these aspects are already part of our identity as a people, identity that makes us different from other regions of our Mexico as other cultures and this being an increasingly globalized worldIt is important to at least try to preserve those traits that separate us from others, finally and after, Jalisco becomes Mochilandia from time to time and we must take all the the advantage we can.