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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Christmas Gardena

Emozions’d Avent are pre-Christmas events in the form of an advent calendar… …dazu the oversized hand carved Nativity and the evocative atmosphere of the traditional Gardena Christmas market give the woodcarver Valley at this time of year a very special, wintry Christmas mood. Val Gardena,...

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Moscow Search Algorithm

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1. Decide what purpose you are looking for a room? 5 reasons to search for new premises: – Placing of new staff or new branch – Expansion of existing business into new territory – Improving the quality of office environment – Reduction of scattered offices into one building – Improve corporate image (which can increase sales, expand its customer base and improve the emotional state of staff) 2. Decide on the area the new office. Do not forget the meeting rooms, risepshen, kitchen, server, etc. Typical requirements for standards of space per employee: the highest level of management – 28kv.m Executive Management – Mid 19kv.m management level – 14 sqm leading experts – 11 sq.m specialists / technical staff – 9 sq.m senior office workers – 8 sq ft office workers – 7 m 3. Determine the requirements for the office, budget office and the class location. Offices are classified into classes: A, A +, B, B +, B-, C Geographically, the office property is divided into the following clusters: Area of the Kremlin, Moscow City Belarusian rn Zamoskvorechye Frunze district Shabolovka Falcon Tagan rn rn Novoslobodsky Basmanny district Kutuzovsky Northwest Northeast Southwest Southeast Moscow oblastRayonKlass AKlass BIzmeneniyTsentr’s Boulevard Koltsa796562 2% / 4% West Center within the Garden Koltsa791551 2% / 4% North Center within the Garden Koltsa760533 +2% / +6% East Center within the Garden Koltsa745520 3% / 4% Zamoskvorechye – Yakimanka795548 2% / 1% West – South Zapad530404 4% / 4 % North – North Zapad530346 7% / 3% 4% Vostok450308 / 5% 2% Yug470317 / 3% rate of $ m a year without VAT 4.

Search for a broker. Do not be afraid to consult specialists in commercial real estate. The situation on the market at this time has developed in such a way that the Agency Fees are usually paid by the owner of the premises. You, together with the opinion contract to search the premises, have at your disposal not only a broker, but all the intellectual resources of the company where he works, from access to real estate databases, and to legal advice. 5. Negotiations. Usually, the focus of negotiations on four issues: rent, lease, repair the tenant, as well as discounts and rebates.

Rental rates vary depending on what area of the tenant will occupy and at what stage of the project agreement was signed. In accordance with the provisions of indexing, the rent is adjusted annually.

Peculiar Data

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It counts a legend, that a warm morning appeared in the coasts of Java a delicate and perfumed goddess covered with a chal one. It took a walk placidly by a forest of sandalwoods, oaks, chestnut tree and magnolias, where the rays of the sun at night filtered between the branches of the trees dissipating the shades. When disappearing the goddess, was on a branch the delicate chal, in whose you fold played the shades and the light. The chal was transformed into a beautiful and mysterious flower, the orchid, one of most beautiful and delicate of the nature. The plant died when the men, without gentleness some pisotearon, it leaving it in the ground.

Only the kindness of the goddess could make revivir the germs that were, in order that in the world, since then they bloomed for admiration of all the beings who to him belonged. Today, they are hall flowers, of luxury, but they yesterday joined the men and the women of the town in great branches for offering to its Gods. Characteristics and habitats. – The scientific name of this family comes from the Greek Orchis, that it means testicle, and it makes reference to the form of its radical tubercles. They are of the alive organisms more numbers of the vegetal kingdom with more than 35,000 species than, especially in the tropical zones, they are characterized to have very great and showy flowers.

They can live between fifty and seventy years and, for being of slow growth, esteem that pass about four years from the germination of the seed until the first flower is obtained. The evolved family of all the phanerogamic ones considers itself more, since through time have obtained that their flowers have the aspect of the insects polinizan that them, bees and bumblebees essentially. Perhaps most important of the peculiarities that they own she is that a orchid of certain species can be fertilized by one of different sort, of whose relation arises a hybrid that will share the characteristics of its biological parents.