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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Muddy Floors

Full of cover with muded floods We can choose what to sow, but we are obliged the spoon what we plant. Chinese saying All Brazilian summer occurs a shock of giants: of a side torrential waters of rains exceeding limits year after year and of another side urban accumulations exceeding limits of occupation...

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Aspen Valley

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The fantastic ideas of a fourteen-year old, a fantasy novel by a 14 year old? Of course, that works if you’re – linguistically gifted as Alexander Vaassen -, is equipped with a certain perseverance and strong will. Already in the 1st class, Alexander wrote little stories together with his Grandpa. He began at the age of 12, writing the first novel. 2008, he flew to Mallorca with his grandparents, his baggage consisted mostly of much empty paper. And at the end of the holiday, he finished proud 150 pages. At home he typed it in the PC, rejected much and rewrote it; inspired by the school, the fellow, his animals and his hobbies such as drama, horseback riding, and trombone.

Now he hopes that his first work will give many people reading pleasure. Interview by Tino Hemmann Publisher with the open-minded young author (14) Alexander Vaassen: T.H..: what were the reasons that you started with writing? Can I dutzen you yet? A.V..: of course, like I thought it was just incredibly exciting to write stories. The was already in elementary school. It is really great to create its own worlds where things happen, sometimes even surprise you by words. T.H..: when exactly did you decided to write a book first? A.V..: Oh, that I think was in the sixth grade.

It was still a pretty confusing collection of ideas that have focused on my favorite television shows and books. In the summer of 2008, I had a completely different idea in the holiday from now on equal and I was so glad that I have filled several blocks to her. I am writing mainly to let off a little steam. And if all that accumulates over the day, wants to get out, is fantasy the best valve. T.H..: the most recent authors writing mostly love stories. Did you pick the genre fantasy.

Enterprise Management

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Carreras, customers and communities suffer the consequences of a misguided enterprise, John Kotter gives us an opportunity to reflect on the power, influence, dependence, and strategies for change and to analyze the essence of leadership and reassess the relationship manager in the work of leaders. Kotter reminds us that the pressures experienced by organizations to implement a change will only increase over the coming decades, but the methodologies used by managers in an attempt to transform their companies into stronger competitors for example, total quality management, reengineering, fit to size, restructuring, cultural transformation and change of position, have fallen short, without exception, because they fail to alter their behavior fact that this growing demand for a new managerial leadership and to understand the importance, scope, implications that this generates, it is important to remember some of the valuable contributions in his work provides Kotter Jhon.

ake into account, which refers to leadership as developing a vision and strategies, getting people to support this strategy and in some individuals delegate power to make that vision a reality, despite the obstacles. Leadership is manifested through people and culture. It is soft and warm Management works through hierarchy and systems is harder and colder. It is therefore very important to be clear about the distinction between management and leadership, this is extremely important because that confuse management with leadership will manage the change, keeping thus controlled but not be able to provide what it takes to make big jump and difficult. In short: Management is to manage the complexity and Lead is to manage the change.

Social Media In The Enterprise

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Successful kick-off event, the \”Social media in the enterprise\” collective intelligence of employees take advantage of special interest group with the idea of establishing a special interest group on the topic of social media in the enterprise has the bwcon together with the know-how! AG as the key initiator and the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering and organization made the ravages of time. Around 80 participants attended the launch event. With the idea of a special interest group \”to set up, has on the topic of social media in the enterprise the bwcon together with the know-how! AG as the key initiator and the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering and organization made the ravages of time. Around 80 participants attended the launch event. Self-organisation and social relationships are the fundamental principles of Web 2.0.

It applies not only to consume content, but even to produce. Social media as a subset of Web 2.0 support in company communication and collaboration \”, as Joachim Gunther, Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering and\” Organization (ILO). The use of social media in knowledge management and E-learning increases transparency, improves productivity, and promotes individual responsibility, methods and social competence. Content can be collaboratively working with direct feedback by users. Thus the previous Division of roles between teaching and learning aufgehobe n is\”, says Gunther. Because the user play to each other their knowledge on equal footing. Necessary condition for use in a company is the willingness of the staff to make their knowledge available. That’s why social media not in hierarchical structures work, if there is internal rivalry and fear of loss of control. Living knowledge management is invaluable practice examples of living knowledge management gave Joachim Heinz, senior consultant at T-systems multimedia solutions GmbH. For two years, there is a social intranet with different tools such as wikis and blogs for the 800 employees of the company.