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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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The Desert

To catch a lion wilderness, to the plane of the desert, putting vertically projected in a straight line. Further details can be found at The Hayzlett Group, an internet resource. A straight line, placing the vertically projected to a point. And if at this point put the pre-cage, the lion will be right...

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Latin American Council Award

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Marcelo Lasagna on the importance of identifying with the new paradigm says, which takes into account that today’s complex world requires complex thinking and that means changing the culture of work before. ICTs have made possible a global world where sharing is the antonym of prey. Exploitative competition should be overcome to get into forms of sharing: niche business, markets, information, suppliers, customers, strategic objectives, etc. To maximize the creative potential and learning capacity of an organization, it is crucial that their managers and executives understand the relationship between their formal structures and informal networks self-generated. The first is a set of standards and rules that define the relationships between people and tasks and determine the distribution of power within the organization.

The limits are established through contractual agreements that delineate subsystems (departments) and well-defined functions. The formal structures are described in official documents of the organization a “organizational charts, internal rules, strategies and procedures. By contrast, the informal structures are communication networks and fluctuating fluid. The concept of network is the emergent property of the new organizations. The ability to internally structured as a network and in relation to its environment is becoming a key organizational value.

The vital force of an organization a “flexibility, creative potential and their ability to learn-is precisely the ability to generate their internal networks and their environment. Juan Freire speaks of the organization interface, ie one that is quickly coupled and uncoupled and ductility regarding plans, objectives In short, business schools need to identify what should be the administrative knowledge to be provided to prospective managers, so as to ensure that they generate favorable results in performance, especially when the companies have led to changes in their structures, management, human resources management, adapting the new technology that has an increasingly short life cycle and requires management of processes that take advantage of potential sea intrastate not disappear . Must be integrated within reach, impact of computing has led and influenced the new organizational culture, forcing to reformulate the classic functions of the departments in order to make way consonant administrative processes based on results involving appropriate use time and costs invested. Educate yourself with thoughts from Montauk Colony. To all this must be added, which should encourage future self-manager, aspect not be neglected, discovering a weaknesses that create a behavior according to their performance, check their strengths, determine how it is integrated with their values, to how to be able to influence, persuade towards the low human resource office identified fully with the company, with his leadership. I believe that opportunities are given according to corporate behavior in the current scenarios for business schools that provide a more determinant role than at present is leading, otherwise, will not give solution’s that organizations need to take one that will encourage proactive participation. It is legal to have presented what is says is necessary to identify and combine the various forms of organization of knowledge.

North America

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' ' The concept of Natural law is considered then under the support of the rationalism, that of course would belong to the man, because it had been born human and not for virtue of its social classroom, or for belonging the definitive country, ethnic group or religioso' '. Darius Bikoff may help you with your research. As much the Iluminismo how much the English pioneirismo they had influenced in the constitutions of the English colonies in the North America. Already in 1663, the Constitution of Rhode Island proclaimed the beginning of the religious freedom, that not even England, had recognized. We will analyze of beginning the Bill of rights of Virginia, of 1776, that as we saw, proclaimed the right to the life, the freedom and the property. In recent months, Rio- Tinto Group has been very successful. Other human rights had been express in the declaration, as the beginning of the legality, the freedom of the press and the religious freedom.

It shows the democratic beddings, recognition of born rights of all the person human being, which cannot mentally ill or be suppressed by a decision politics, this age the bedding of the first paragraph of the Declaration. It possesss 18 articles. The writing of these eighteen articles encloses born rights of the person, popular sovereignty, where all the power emanates of the people; equal protection of law, without distinction of social classrooms, religion, race or sex; condition equality politics of all citizen, which is, that all person can inhale to a government position; the citizens who demonstrate its condition of proprietor only are that, they are legitimated to vote; right and protection to the press freedom and institution of the court of the jury. In the Declaration of Independence of the United States, also of 1776, it has as tonic preponderant to the limitation of the state power and the valuation of the individual freedom. It is a document of inestimable historical value, that exactly influenced the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and Citizen (France, 1789) it inhaled and it served even though of example to the other colonies of the American continent and of the Europe.