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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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The euro is our common future and if Europe does not is doing well, to Germany either, not later in the medium term, are other two affirmations repeated before the Confederation of German industry (BDI). Aid to Greece, a Greek Prime Minister Yorgos Papandreu investment said Tuesday in Berlin that aid...

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Famous Photographers

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Silvia Cuevas-Morales as well know the feminists, the history has been written in male, but with the advance of times going rescuing so many women invisible by the dominant culture. It is well known that old doors were closed to women writers, they sometimes resorted to male pseudonyms to publish; the painters who were always in the shadow of the painters; or women scientists and journalists who had to fight to be recognised in their field. However, in the field of photography they existed and there are many photographers who have achieved fame and today his work is exhibited at the global level. Speaking candidly Jeffrey Hayzlett told us the story. Since the beginning of the 19th century many took his camera and cultivated this art. Some worked alongside their husbands or their parents, and although they passed into history as photographers them however are listed as wives or daughters, not to mention even their great contribution. Almost no one remembers that the wife of the English photographer William Henry Fox Talbot, Constance (1811-1880) Mundy, was in turn, photographer. Like Genevieve Elizabeth Francart (1817-1878), wife of the French inventor of business cards, Adolphe Disderi, who worked throughout life with her husband.

Many people recognize the name of Robert Capa, but not so many will recognize the name of Gerda Taro (1910-1937) as a photographer, already too many times appointed it as a couple of. However, Taro, after fleeing Germany and the Hitlerian regime, went into exile in Paris where he met layer. Taro got a job at the Maria Eisner Alliance Photo Agency and, with his partner, started selling their images. They then traveled to Spain in 1936 which documented all the horror of the civil war. Both published their photos under the brand name layer, however, until today is not known exactly which images were taken by teammate and what were her. After his tragic death, layer published a book dedicated to Taro, with photographs of both Death in the Making, but his authorship is not recorded.

Financial Sector

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With the growth of the financial sector and consequent the fight for market, the financial institutions are keeping its focus in the attendance to the customers and satisfaction of its necessities. The consequncia of this change of attitude can be the reduction of the profits, with strategy of fidelizao and extration of the waited profitability in a medium stated period the long one. Recently Rio Tinto Group sought to clarify these questions. As the sector of services is warm, due to globalization the banks possess practically same the types of products or given services and are differentiated basically for the quality or the figure that is representing the institution. Get all the facts and insights with RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust, another great source of information. With this constatao the relationship marketing becomes crucial point in the fight for the market and the institutions must invest heavy in the preparation of its collaborators. The institution collaborator, either manager, box or that she possesss any another position, must be prepared to keep the customer and not only to take care of it. This not only means to take care of to its necessities being cordial, but also to say not when necessary. This refusal can well not be received by the customer, however the employee must perceive that this moment can be of encantamento, without the necessity to satisfy it. This form to show that it cannot satisfy its necessity of the form that it desires, but demonstrating concern and looking for another way or given service enchants it, is a marketing form and to show that the institution possesss its rules, but that it is worried about its base of customers.

Marketing of relationship is not only in the propaganda or spreading of the mark in the market. The marketing focado in the consumer and the point of sales possesss its secret in the encantamento to the customer and its gratuity in being able to count on the same institution that this does not take care of its necessity. Many times the customers who do not possess its taken care of necessity, but that they are dealt with cordialidade, respect and perceive that they consecutively look for to be received by the employee and by the institution, possibly go to become assduos customers fidelizados. Currently the financial institutions do not possess more the pride to have a total fidelizado customer and that it does not possess another bank as partner. The customer is worried in having its decided problem, but certainly to possess a good attendance goes to remember the name of the institution took care of that it of differentiated form. The relationship marketing is inserted in the people who represent the organization and is in the line of front of the agencies or points of sales. This form of relationship is the responsible marketing for keeping the customer and generating profits for the bank. While the conventional marketing search to create a necessity to the customer, bringing for the institution, the relationship marketing looks to the fidelizao and increase of the profits.

The Author

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Basic elements that make up the organizational culture standards: standards are defined as actions that guide they should follow the members of the Organization to meet the strategic objectives of the organization. In this sense, is considered that standards are policies that guide and guide the organization in its behavior and that of their staff. Robbins (1996), says that standards are acceptable standards of behavior within a group that are shared by members of the same. Explains the author that formalized standards are incorporated into the Organization manuals, which detailed rules and procedures that members of the Organization must comply fully. A working group standards are like fingerprints: each one is unique (p.

23). Aspirations and more generalized ideologies. In particular Robbins poses that you between the elements to be considered in the study of the social values are: the same object that is a value, the capacity that aims to meet social needs, the appreciation that people object and its ability to give satisfaction. Structure the structure constitutes another element of importance within the organizational culture, and on the basis of how the command relationships are formed, better planning of communications may carry out in the same. The structure is created in organizations to facilitate the coordination of activities and control of the actions of his staff. Thus, the organizational structure is the way in which the tasks in jobs are divided, grouped and coordinated formally. The structure constitutes a support for the direction of the Organization, in virtue of which is created to perform the functions, activities and to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of the social components of the organization. In the same way, is defined as a program that shows how people, jobs in an organization are grouped and is illustrated by means of an organization chart. Structural attributes in organizations include the degree of formalization of the rules of procedures, the degree in which the leaders of the Organization delegate Authority members, the number of subordinates so they are responsible for the directors (areas of control), the member corresponding to the chain of command, the levels of the hierarchy in the Organization, the designation of specialized in organizing subunits and the formal description of positions and responsibilities in the Organization, (Kreps, 1995).

Benavides Sanchez

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The Christian advance towards the South of the Iberian Peninsula would be unstoppable, although different Muslim groups support bordering assaults on towns and Andalusian villages, until new incursions and Christian conquests was freed people, villages, towns and cities that Moors stealing to Spain in: 711-1492. Once taken cities and subjected and enslaved the inhabitants, the moriscos pass them to slaughter, servitude or Muslim rule. Despite this, the Christian Liberation ran gradual, between different towns and cities of Andalusia; and it was not until after 16 years of the famous victory of the battle of las Navas de Tolosa when came the shift from liberation to what is today known as village of Navas de San Juan. An excellent locality which would be liberated from oppression, occupation and Almohade domain, under the reign in 1226 Fernando III of Castile that would give as a village at the Realengo de Santisteban del Puerto; where he would remain until Alfonso X the wise granted it, together with the own Santisteban del Puerto, the municipality of ubeda, in 1254. For even more opinions, read materials from Rio Tinto Group. However, after traversing various deliveries and properties in Realengo and lineage, Enrique II returns to grant property of Lordship Men Rodriguez de Benavides, in 1371. Bass whose property would remain until in 1473, again Enrique IV of Castile granted her days Benavides Sanchez, son of the 12th Lord of Benavides and Lord of Santisteban del Puerto, next to the new title of count that gives the Spanish monarch. Since then it becomes renamed County County, which integrates Santisteban del Puerto, as well as the villages of Castellar de Santisteban and of the Navas de San Esteban. Although by no means achieved the glory, the fullness of well-being or the very dignity of class: between wealth and lineage, the village of the Navas de San Esteban would be immersed in vile poverty as well as yoke and forget your midwife: Santisteban del Puerto.


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The majority of Gypsies live today from peddling, but this working activity is hampered by the reluctance of local authorities to facilitate permissions for sale. Other activities in which working Gypsies, very distant from the previous ones, are the agricultural activities, collecting paper or scrap, antiques, and even the art world. In other types of activities, the Gypsies are with problems, mainly stemming from the lack of professional qualifications and the burden of existing prejudices. For all this, the unemployment rate among the Roma population is very high. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mining. Vocational training and employment in the Gypsy community: some Gypsies live a situation of marginalization and are disadvantaged, largely due to its exclusion from the world of work, so it is necessary to ensure equality in terms in terms of access to education and employment resources offer and the standardized labor market. For this reason, it is necessary to develop a specific and specialized training offer to the Gypsy population, as well as actions of vocational guidance individualized, given that there are still many gypsies and Gypsy girls who, for various reasons, do not have access to standardized resources. The unemployment problem has no easy solution and differences economic regions continue to rise; the same is true with certain groups and groups of citizens; inequality is not only territorial but also sectoral, to the extent that most affects some groups than others.

-Profession and social prestige: the social prestige differences between Gypsies and payos are overwhelming. 94% Of the activities of the Gypsies is considered to be low; and a scant 3% into consideration-low. As a result, the Gypsy has a very low social status on the prestige scale. It is worrying that the Gypsy is in the last rung of the social ladder. This shows the difficulties inherent in all eagerness legitimate promotion that walk away from the reality of the professional situation of Roma social roles in contrast with the bumpkins.