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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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American Republics OAS

As the indicated source of intelligence remembers us, the island was excluded from the inter-American system after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, following the argument American from which the corporate charter of the OAS prohibited the presence of countries aligned with the marxism-leninismo,...

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Money Investment

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 25-12-2016

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The specifics of the precious metals as investment have skyrocketed precious metals in recent years. Just the finest of precious metals such as gold, Platinum and silver cost a multiple of the price that was paid years ago today. Due to the enormous increase in value, precious metals fall more and more in the focus of private investors. The investment in precious metals is considered solid investment and promises also comparatively high returns. After all, many experts predict a potential, for example, the gold up to 2000 US $. A chance of up to one hundred percent. For investors, h sic offer several ways to benefit from this trend. This, especially the physical investment plays an important role.

Investors who invest in precious metals, are mostly very critical and want to have unrestricted access to the precious metals also in times of crisis. For them, usually also maintaining value plays an important role as a possible return. In addition to the physical Invetsment commitment about commodity of ETFs is an alternative. Many investors also choose Certificates to benefit from soaring prices for precious metals. A prophesy access is denied, the investors but in any case what constitutes an erhbelichen disadvantage of indirect investment in precious metals.

At the physical Investmnet but comparatively high purchase costs. So, for example, VAT may apply at the time of purchase. Also, a possible tax liability is to note if a value could be achieved on the sale of precious metals. Who improperly taxed profits, is punishable under certain circumstances. Also to note are the high cost of physical investments in precious metals. So, about storage costs may arise. Lukas Ritzer

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