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Speech Confrontacional

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 16-10-2018

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RACISM and MASISMO the speech Confrontacional of Evo Morales by Alvaro Omar Tapia Laime in this article in the light of the anthropological analysis review some terms and do some precisions about concepts quite prostitutes by the discourse of the Government and opposition. Evo Morales: mestizo or Indian? Since governmental spheres, at national and international level, is repeated insistently that we have at the first indigenous President, but Evo Morales is really Indian? The answer seems obvious, if we take into account the physical characteristics of the President, but what defines indigenous status at the level of a scientific analysis?, the ancestors, the purity of lineage, the attachment to cultural traditions, language, economic and political systems or the fact of living in a geographic region of a country?. In general, the identity of an ethnic group is supported by a language, a territory and a religion, customs, share habits, norms, affective, aesthetic and ethical values. Ethnicity comprises more ethnic identity ethnic content. Based on these concepts, we can conclude that an indigenous person, as well as identified with a specific culture (identity), practiced values, customs and habits of the same (content). While Morales was born in the Andean context, doesn’t speak any language (quechua nor aymara.), if we talk about some values of the Andean cosmovision as complementarity of opposites, our representative in discourse and attitudes not trafficking complemented, rather than trafficking in annular, eliminate their adversaries. Power is rotatable in the Andean cultures no one monopolizes or extending its mandate, the President and his party seem to pretend otherwise. Continuing with the complementarity of opposites the Andean culture is inclusive, not confront or decrease to other cultures, an example is trade laying where mutually beneficial relationships. In any popular market either blanket, Beni or Tarija observe our women (and men) Andean driving commodity markets, integrating and providing for Oriental societies and cultures.

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