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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: "The honest words give us a clear indication of the honesty of who utters or writes" In Latin America it is necessary to think seriously in redefining college profiles so as to open the doors to train professional intellectually prepared to meet the needs, challenges...

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Gregor Mendel

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The experiments of monge Austrian, Gregor Mendel, had given beginning to called science genetic, between them can be cited the results gotten with the experiences with peas of different colors, generating knowledge that make possible the development of the biotechnology, the middle of century XIX (Damascene, 2007). Some studies that had given beginning to the genetic improvement In 1953 Watson and Crick, two scientists of the university of Cambrigde, in England, had described the helical structure of the DNA? basic of any alive being, carrying molecule of the genetic information. At the beginning of years 70, the first transference of genes between different species occurred. The scientific community established rules of biossegurana for the research and the development of products with genetic modifications (CIB, 2009). An important fact so that the biotechnology in fact adentrasse to the market was in 1980, where the supreme Cut American North, granted the first patent one to be alive, an ancestry of bacteria capable to digest oil in accidents (MILK, 2000). Two years later, according to CIB (2009), in 1982 was developed the insulina for biotechnology, produced for modified bacteria. In 1983, U.S.A. allowed the pioneering international release of a OGM in the environment.

Syringae is about an ancestry of bacteria of the Pseudomonas species, genetically modified to hinder the ice crystal formation in the surface them plants, for agricultural regions citizens the frosts. Developed in the University of California, for the team of Steven Lindow (MILK, 2000). In 1993, the United States launched the first culture developed for the biotechnology: a long tomatoe life, called FlavSavr tomatoe, produced for the Calgene company. In the years of 1996 the first commercial plantation of the soy genetically modified occurred, in the United States. In 1997, the first plantation of the soy genetically modified in Argentina. No longer year of 1998, the CTNBio11 received the first order from release of the Monsanto company for the commerce of soy OGM Roundup Ready, resistant to the herbicida Roundup12, manufactured for the same company. Others including J. Darius Bikoff, offer their opinions as well.

Partial Note Base

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With responsibility of the ABNT. Baptism as Model of Gravey the production of scientific texts if configures in the trend of the fast production, dissemination and discarding of great part of what it has been produced and outdated. 2 CRITICAL AND SUGGESTIONS FOR DOCUMENTARY COMPUTER SCIENCE Analyzing the techniques of thematic content of the functionality of the metadados ones we observe that an adoption needs including perspective, plural and differentiated that facilitates the digital preservation, categorizing documents with the simple objective to identify given in the different contexts.

However nowadays it is said very in Ontologia stops bibliographical Document description, as way more adjusted to cure this deficiency, in view of the gradual ratio of the information. In view of, the difficulty faced for the managers of the information in the recovery and representation of the information, in data base, currently, we face the debates and we argue new semantic forms of if using of metadados of matrix, for one searchs efficient breaching with the traditional one, in the case techniques of syntactic base for a lxica adequacy (Word-key). Today a metadados way of creation is argued of from Ontologias. ‘ ‘ A ontologia is a set of terms hierarchically structuralized for the description of a domain that can be used as a basic skeleton for a base of conhecimento’ ‘ (HEUSER; BONIFACIO, 2000.). 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES In view of everything what it is argued in the debates contemporaries we need to search way more appropriate, aiming at the recovery of the information that it is aspect-key to think itself about politics of document indexation.

To elaborate systems or models that allow searches through concepts that qualify the recovery semantics in collections of information this are a great challenge. This work, objective to consider a model of metadados semantic based in ontologias for searches in Digital Libraries or Centers of Information. Beyond only, requirement for attainment of the Partial Note. (moving of idea).