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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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The junk mail is a technique of direct marketing that allows you to reach consumers and impact them in a way that allows you to segment and an economical way to geotag advertising. The results of junk mail are easily measurable. The junk mail can be an advertising action pillar or can be the ideal complement...

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Partial Note Base

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With responsibility of the ABNT. Baptism as Model of Gravey the production of scientific texts if configures in the trend of the fast production, dissemination and discarding of great part of what it has been produced and outdated. 2 CRITICAL AND SUGGESTIONS FOR DOCUMENTARY COMPUTER SCIENCE Analyzing the techniques of thematic content of the functionality of the metadados ones we observe that an adoption needs including perspective, plural and differentiated that facilitates the digital preservation, categorizing documents with the simple objective to identify given in the different contexts.

However nowadays it is said very in Ontologia stops bibliographical Document description, as way more adjusted to cure this deficiency, in view of the gradual ratio of the information. In view of, the difficulty faced for the managers of the information in the recovery and representation of the information, in data base, currently, we face the debates and we argue new semantic forms of if using of metadados of matrix, for one searchs efficient breaching with the traditional one, in the case techniques of syntactic base for a lxica adequacy (Word-key). Today a metadados way of creation is argued of from Ontologias. ‘ ‘ A ontologia is a set of terms hierarchically structuralized for the description of a domain that can be used as a basic skeleton for a base of conhecimento’ ‘ (HEUSER; BONIFACIO, 2000.). 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES In view of everything what it is argued in the debates contemporaries we need to search way more appropriate, aiming at the recovery of the information that it is aspect-key to think itself about politics of document indexation.

To elaborate systems or models that allow searches through concepts that qualify the recovery semantics in collections of information this are a great challenge. This work, objective to consider a model of metadados semantic based in ontologias for searches in Digital Libraries or Centers of Information. Beyond only, requirement for attainment of the Partial Note. (moving of idea).

State Economic

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For its if tourist cannot forget the increase in the number ambulant salesmen caused by the arrival them, mainly in the beaches, that of certain form also contribute significantly for the production of the capital. However, he is through these condicionantes factors that we can evidence the economic importance of the secondary and tertiary sectors for the city of the Christmas. These two together ones have proportionate to this city a sped up development that together with other internal and external factors has made of Christmas a city of great economic power. What it concerns the space relocalizaes of these sectors we can only infer that this does not pass of a singular characteristic the cities that are passing for the process of economic and urban development. It fits, therefore, now, to the governing to use to advantage this phase of development and to contribute still more with politics of improvements for even though economic infrastructure and, so that this city is symbol for the too much cities of the State to potiguar even though or of the country. 5 FINAL CONSIDERAES the State of the Rio Grande of the North have until the present time a economy directed mainly toward agriculture, fruticultura, carcinicultura and mineral extrativismo amongst others.

However, these activities more notadamente occupy a place of bigger importance in neighboring areas the Christmas and in the interior of the State. According to research carried through for construction of this document in them was possible to conclude that the city of the Christmas presents fort trend for the industry and the commerce, beyond the tourism that also has contributed for economic reinforcement. However they are the industry and the commerce the great boosters of the development of this city. They are reasons of great attraction for hundreds of people who look in Christmas better quality of life through the job chance and consequently to be able to live with more dignity.