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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Latin American Council Award

Marcelo Lasagna on the importance of identifying with the new paradigm says, which takes into account that today’s complex world requires complex thinking and that means changing the culture of work before. ICTs have made possible a global world where sharing is the antonym of prey. Exploitative...

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Designer Fashion Has A New Home: GingerAndGrace.com

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 12-11-2019

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GingerAndGrace combines the passion for high-quality clothing with the advantages of online shopping. GingerAndGrace combines the passion for high-quality clothing with the advantages of online shopping. From designer jeans to the cashmere sweater by the leisure outfit to the look of the business: in GingerAndGrace there are trendy women’s clothing for every style and occasion. Big names and promising young designers are among the selected range, which will be presented under the Internet address. Stylish and feminine first impression of the shop is not deceptive. But puts it in a nutshell: trends for similar women behind the tasteful presentation.

Women who want to look good and feel good in every situation. The shop is fashion lovers who appreciate the quality and fashion-craft. In addition to well-known names, also young designers get a chance to convince the customer. Therefore, the selection of the labels that are not offered at GingerAndGrace as a list of big name, reads but whets the appetite for new and surprised in its composition. It is clear: In the foreground, not the brand, but the product is behind it. If style, quality and price are right, then fits the clothes also to GingerAndGrace.

Small sample of the harmonious range of designer fashion: for the leisure look there are besides various designer jeans in many different washes and cuts, casual basics young labels, such as Butler and trendy Museum style jackets. It is elegant and noble shirt with the popular Mr. Mrs. silk blouses and cashmere online offer: producers, such as Princess goes Hollywood are represented with a large selection. More fashion highlights are the Cinque online shop and the top label day Birger et Mikkelsen. You may find that Chevron U.S.A. can contribute to your knowledge. To the different styles of matching accessories round out the offerings. GingerAndGrace offers fashion, the fun shopping due to the motto We love! “.” Not only styles served in the shop, but also varying shopping budgets. At GingerAndGrace, the motto is: designer fashion has to be expensive. Whether the young labels or the established name: the price scale starts at cheap and is always appropriate. Bargain hunters come in the well-stocked outlet fully at their own expense. Here many sale items of the last and current season properly reduced can be found. This area is constantly and repeatedly invites for browsing and shopping. Inspiration and new trends will find the customers under the heading looks”. Trendy ensembles are presented here, which can be directly nachgeshoppt. There are outfits with rock or romantic statement, summer looks as well as for the colder season. So combinations are pointed out and introduce appropriate elements. Discover the assortment is constantly in all headings and lets the customer continually Musthaves”. The tab Designer”simplifies the search for the favourite label and provides the corresponding article as well as interesting information about the history and philosophy of the relevant label after clicking. The delivery is free of charge at GingerAndGrace. So is online shopping for pleasure, no hidden shipping or handling costs. That guaranteed trusted shops”the seal of quality, that is only given to trusted online stores. Important aspects such as price transparency, right to return or the data protection are tested for the customers. Compliance with relevant set and guidelines is continually tested and guaranteed with the seal. At GingerAndGrace can be purchased so risk-free and without hesitation.

Woerner – Clear Forms And Old Values:

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 02-07-2014

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In television or movies, they are like selected as creepy, but perfect place for crime. Heilbronn / Leingarten, 22 August 2012: In TV or movies they are selected to as creepy, but perfect place for crime. Even from the outside you looking at, that they have been abandoned and left for a long time. Everything is full of weeds and waste, window panes are missing or have been destroyed, the wind drives from empty cans before him, here and there squeaky noises of Rusty hinges. The fear factor is built and getting goosebumps already just from the appearance of the locality. The speech is of vacant factory buildings, where eventually something is produced, where people worked and there was a lively hustle and bustle. Someday the economic reasons had to be discontinued, the halls were empty cleared and only old, useless things stood and rotten. Exhibit items that are covered with patina, rust or scratches and could tell from previous times.

Nostalgia is again in vogue. So imaginative designer took old utensils or tools of industrial or handicraft origin as a template for decorative items, embed Windows and salesrooms in a special atmosphere. Simple shapes, signs of wear in the material and the coating, the objects mainly made of metal or wood, these things reminiscent of the old craft of the past. The decoration in the so-called factory style”has its special charm. Visually old commodities provide an interesting framework current, new goods and together form an individual eye-catcher.

The perfect symbiosis of real”decor and trendy merchandise. In the new catalog autumn/Christmas 2012 decoration specialist Worner offers an extensive selection of authentic decorative items in the old factory style. As a basis for this topic, the XXL textile printing is old factory”and the large print houseblock” recommended. Both have already far on this particular type of decoration and. The folding screen factory”in the metallic look, metal drums in different colors and sizes, or container box sets complement each other perfectly when entering the historic factory worlds. A deceptively real looking fire hydrant in the vintage look, gears and industrial hooks, wooden spools and an old tool box complete the vision of former times with XXL bolts and Nylock nuts. The reference to the shoemakers or tailors craft can be produce perfectly with the needs of historic arts and crafts. The diversity of the single decorative elements in a simple factory style leaves plenty of room for original and imaginative presentation of products. There is inspiration and suggestions for imaginative productions autumn/Christmas in the current catalogue 2012.