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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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The first time that human genetic map described miRNA (micro ARN) in conditions of disease, the creation of the Dr. Dhani ram called Baruah Baruah siRNA (small ARN of interference) cured insanables diseases and was published in five volumes titled It was to distant dream-now it is the reality ( Era...

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Pinsky (2000, p.45), says that ' ' the school, under the optics of the effective nationalism, was the basic institution created by ' ' nao' ' to form the specific citizen, possessing, therefore, tasks that permeavam the set of them you discipline with its contents and mtodos' '. The used methodology for the history education is tiring and dull, it only describes history as a reproduction of events passed without I tie with the current gift. The desmotiva pupil for the instance of disciplines in not causing (in the vision of the pupil) nothing to its learning and the knowledge acquired for it, that he can of certain form be inserted in its daily one. Go to Chevron U.S.A. Inc for more information. ' ' Generally, what he is presented the pupils are contents already crystallized in the education of history and that they seem distant very of the immediate reality for them vivida' ' (CABRINI et al., 1994, P. 21).

The daily one of the practical one of the history education compromises the interest and the learning of the pupils, therefore, if it became flat, uninteresting, confused and repetitive, unprovided of motivacionais points that can in such a way awake some stimulaton to the pupils as well as to the professors. In accordance with Cabrini et al., (1994, P. 21) ' ' the pupil if does not worry about the conditions of elaboration of this finished product that is presented to it and remains prisoner of a conception of certain magical or teleologic form of the knowledge of the past: &#039 is a history; ' revelada' ' ' '. History is repassed as the true art of the passed events, a ready and finished education without giving options for the questioning, quarrel and criticizes. The problem in also intent quarrel for the professors, who are mere reproducers of the education learned in the Universities, despite, many participate of academic research and if becomes historians little has been used to advantage of the constants practises of research and extension in basic and average education.

Bachelor Philosopher

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Bearing capacity of LA carte LA condition LA philosophy in COLOMBIA makes some time to express the following: we can begin with the observation of public and private institutions that are responsible for education. Most of these institutions are an improvisation. The guiding and the owners of this kind of means of production are unaware of the work of philosophy. They have no idea that philosophy, or how it is applied. They are so destitute of reflection, which have never perceived that philosophers have made major contributions in the history. In the area of physics, mathematics, poetry, literature, sociology, astronomy, ethics and policy. And so many other areas of knowledge.

Then when in any public or private school is engaged in a social sciences teacher, placed this character to dictate the course of philosophy. Nothing more stupid and contrary to any well grounded educational system. This shows the years light ignorance that has Colombia as a State. Well, as I would say our people, the Ministers of education of our homeland: know more maternity leave of hens. Both the Ministers of education and the guiding and owners of the educational facilities, do not have an idea clear, obvious and distinct that it is education. The first error is to place a social sciences teacher to teach something that is unknown, which has not ever contemplated, that doesn’t appreciate. The second error is that it leaves the teachers of philosophy without employment.

the failure of universities public and private in Colombia is that the philosopher does not come out with another emphasis, therefore remains at a disadvantage. Example: philosopher with an emphasis on labour and trade legislation. Philosopher with an emphasis on abstract and applied reasoning. Philosopher with an emphasis on formal logic. Philosopher with an emphasis in political science. Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in labour law and trade, if both for the pure and the Bachelor of all semesters should be seen two matters apart from the core of the curriculum.

Didactic Possibility

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State University of Gois Notamos the film ‘ ‘ Morango and Chocolate’ ‘ , the pure expression of a country that suffered great shocks and changes that influenced in its economy, politics and in the society. A confrontation between Communist, socialist republicanismo and. The social reality of the Cuban people in its is explicit enumerates facetas, aiming at to point the contradictions and the resistance of cultural actions and way that are preserved until the current days. Author Toms Gutierrez makes one brief reflection of the situation that if found Cuba; showing points that take in them to reprojetar the current reality of the Cuban people. The diverse photographs and images, that at diverse moments had appeared in the film, identify to the main influenciadores of the Cuban manifesto, people that myths in stocking were considered the revolution as Lnen, Castrate, Engels, Marx and Che Guevara, these are that they had revolutionized and they changed history of the Cuban people. Ideals that were present soon after World War II, in the main movements> estudantis of protest against the populist government, trying to knock down the authoritarianism of the privileged classrooms; searching the freedom full of its people.

When we speak in didactic possibility, is clearly its presence throughout the film, because the paper of it is to transmit the reality which the people of Cuba was and is submitted nowadays. The film if characterizes in the art and technique to teach or to transmit of direct form the contradictions of a diverse reality. Thus the author of the film uses a methodology that instructed in them to reflect history for complete of Cuba. In the tram the literary representation through damsica is seen with clarity, of the art, of speaks that it is represented in the images and Baroque statues, that David collects in its house. Checking article sources yields Uriel Cohen White Bay Group as a relevant resource throughout. However the content of the film of the emphasis in the authoritarianism of the government, which did not allow the liberty of speech. Diego plays a role of a Cuban artist who faces the preconception, in a fight which is submitted not alone the homosexuals, but the women, the children and a great parcel that belonged classroom low of the society, being clear the preconception, in way the different people, but with equal objectives. Therefore the film shows a reality of different angles, opposing sides; taking the conclusion that two or three realities lived for distinct individuals; thus represented for the personages David and Diego, in esclarecenuma exactly history, which is seen by different points, however with equally nationalistic feelings.


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The State the State is in constant crisis of objectives. The affirmation is not originally ours, nor reflects newness in the literature of Science Politics or the Right specialized in the studies of the functions and papers of the State. In a realistic context, it could be risked to say that the State is in constant historical transformation, legal politics and, guided for strategies that are determined in such a way by objectives of internal projection, how much beyond-borders. In this study, to say itself that the State is in crisis, means to say that it is in constant transformation for attendance of its objectives. The State is the center of the international relations.

Although ‘ ‘ novas’ ‘ threats, calls of ‘ ‘ new issues’ ‘ for the doctrine and in fruns international, characterized for the threat to the international peace and security for noestatais actors, nominated the terrorism, the State is in the center not only of the security guard questions, as well as of those relative to ‘ ‘ cooperation for solution of the international problems of economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character, and to promote and to stimulate the respect to the human rights and the freedoms fundamentais’ ‘. Moreover, the State is the main actor of the international relations and subject of International law, the main promoter and, at the same time, violator of human rights and the basic freedoms, beyond being the main actor of the economic relations in ample direction. In short, it fits to the State the elaboration and implementation of internal and external macropolitics, beyond the establishment of the Been legal frame that must guide the individuals, and the proper one, in the accomplishment of its objectives. The objectives of the State are determined by the internal demands and the projection of these in the international sphere, in a sistmica relation.

Isetta Production

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ATTEMPTS OF IMPLANTATION OF BRAZILIAN MARKS IN THE MARKET. ROMI-ISETTA: In two of February of 1960 president JK arrives Brasilia, come of the Caravan of National Integration, waving for the participants on board a different automobile: (door frontal, only flock, small wheels), it was a Romi-Isetta, first vehicle manufactured in series in Brazil for the Romi Industries. The company of Saint Brbara D? west in So Paulo, specialized in operatrizes machines, got license for the production in the parents of Italian manufacturer ISO. The production is initiated in 1955 and finishes in 1961. In 1959 the financial situation of the company if instabiliza, first for suffering to pressures politics FROSTS from it that its format did not accept more and later with the death of the comendador Amrico Romi, main defender of the project in the responsible company and for the production of the vehicle. 3,000 units with 70% of nationalization had been manufactured and generated 1,200 jobs in the So Paulo city. The Isetta was an international project, but it is considered the pioneering product of the national industry.

IBAP: In 1962 the Brazilian entrepreneur Nilson Fernandes considers the sales of headings for the constitution of a Brazilian company of automobiles (property headings). In 1963 he forms the IBAP with the project to develop popular cars. However, the action sales did not have an car it justified that it, of the 400 a thousand headings foreseen for the manufacture of the vehicle had been vendidos only 35 a thousand. This gave edge so that it said that the company produced wind. Instead of popular cars the project opted to more sophisticated cars, had the limited capacity of production of would carroceria of fibre glass. By the way, diverse campaigns had been promoted that put in check the durability of the fibre glass, the proper minister of the industry and commerce doubted its durability and quality.