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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Hiking Trail With Trail In The Upper Palatine Forest

White Mountains in the Geopark kaolin area Hirschau Hirschau (tvo). Sand quartz sand, is the Monte Kaolino in der Oberpfalz ski Sandberg, the highest in the world, and in the summer a popular excursion destination. But the famous Monte”is a product of the mining industry: since 1833 Schnaittenbach...

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Pavlovic Freiburger Strasse

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Actricity integrates Google maps into CRM portal the Actricity AG Service module of the web – and role-based Actricity CRM expands portal to the geo data information system of Google maps. Graphical support for areas of use and position locations, missions of service technicians and other employees in the field can be more efficiently planned and settled faster. Eschbach at Freiburg, 07.04.2009 effective servicing and maintenance processes as well as competent service partner are at many industrial enterprises of fundamental importance, to comply with delivery dates and to avoid an interruption of the production process chain. Service level agreements can only be guaranteed but in the long term, if the applicable service cases be efficiently controlled and settled. Sales representative – must be in the service, as well as in the sales – today time and locally flexible. The Swiss CRM specialist Actricity offers to an integrated geographic information system data, to address data in the CRM portal with the integration of Google maps a card locally to visualize and optimize operational planning, taking into account the current location. Unproductive travel times can be reduced in this way, accelerated service processes and unnecessary costs avoided by a sub optimal usage and route management.

Especially for customers with a large range of regional action and accordingly greater travel distances, graphically supported operational planning unfolds significant added value”, explains Martin Buhler, CEO of Actricity AG. With the integration of Google maps Actricity sets industry standard on a de facto”, so Martin Buhler next. Through the visualization of the current location in Google maps and the display of the target site he can be planned competent or the local nearest sales representative used according to the individual requirements. With the integration of Google maps in which can Actricity CRM portal made the appointment creation directly from the map. In the case of the respective service technician receives the required Information via SMS or E-Mail. A real time position display of the service employees via the GPS location of the cell phone is currently in preparation and will be implemented in the next releases.

The built-in Google maps functionalities the users of the Actricity CRM portal are now starting with release version 2.48 available and are an integral part of the Actricity service module in the future. Actricity Germany GmbH Actricity belongs to the Codex Holding AG, Rotkreuz / Zug and operated with the innovative, Web-based 360-degree Actricity CRM software solution Portal demanding companies to build of customer-centric organizations and processes. In particular for medium-sized and large enterprises from industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or technical services, Actricity offers an innovative, scalable and future-oriented solution based on a central platform for customer relationship management, sales management, support center, service processes and knowledge – and spare parts management. Currently four locations in Switzerland, in France and All for the holistic customer service of necessary services provided to Germany. Actricity CRM provides organizations with Portal a comprehensive and effective tool for the professional customer acquisition, customer service and customer loyalty to an attractive price / performance ratio. Organizations can respond to more sustainable and with higher quality thanks to a global network of marketing, service and sales faster, the growing demands of the market.