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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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The scene occurs in a humble neighborhood in a populous city of any Latin American country: a lady returns from their workplaces in the field and sees with horror as the flames consume her home. She cares the most because it is on the verge of losing everything you have meaning in your life and is not...

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Silke Riedel Valley Court

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 25-08-2018



So a delivery scanner scanner a bearing can be remotely with a mouse click Convert. This allows a flexible, multifunctional and economic usage of mobile devices. With MobiControl ACTEOS sets”a unique user-friendly and comfortable administration tool. The administrator sees on the screen exactly the user interface of the device and this can remotely live and in real time as if he were on the spot to handle. That speeds up diagnosis of errors and repeated use in handling errors. The settings can be held via video function and vividly reproduced by any user at a later date.

All these functionalities the users know mobile Devices to appreciate. Since the administrators their mobile units across the MobiControl “control software can manage in German language, the demand rises for ACTEOS significantly.” “Managing Director Dr. Neumann is happy that not only overlooking the own numbers: with MobiControl, we can actively support companies in the current crisis situation and for they realize short-term economic benefits, as well as a sustainable process optimization”. Learn more about MobiControl under about ACTEOS which ACTEOS GmbH & co. KG, 100%-owned subsidiary of the listed ACTEOS S.A., specializes in solutions for detecting mobile and specialized transmission of corporate data, a subsequent processing in real time enable. The solution provider was founded in 1982 as COHSE GmbH & co. KG in Gilching near Munich. ACTEOS and associated international focus was on 15 April 2006.

The company delivers solutions along the entire Supply chain as well as appropriate if required technical components and comprehensive services, from project management to support and maintenance. ACTEOS Group employs around 140 people, currently 30 employees at ACTEOS are active in Germany. High-end industry leading technology further under about SOTI SOTI Inc. information is available that solves the unique challenges involved in deploying, managing, securing and supporting remote mobile and desktop computing devices. SOTI works closely with the top manufacturers of Windows Mobile hardware and software, and has strategic relationships with companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Intermec, Palm, Psion Teklogix and hand held products. SOTI’s world class technology is second to none, and is licensed by top mobile device hardware & software brands. SOTI is independent software vendor; its products are developed in-house by a highly skilled development team. Press contact: Acteos GmbH & co. KG Silke Riedel Valley Court str. 30a 82205 Gilching Tel.: + 49-8105 38 51 0 fax: + 49-8105 38 51 12

SimValley RX

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 18-10-2017



What about in the small and lightweight RX-80 Pico V. 3? We unpack of the mini mobile phones simvalley mobile saw too: the RX-80 Pico V. 3 is ideal as a second – or third-party mobile, because it fits through the dimensions in each little bag, or simply in the glove compartment in the car. Who is looking for a simple, lightweight and small phone, should be once the RX-80 Pico V. 3 by simvalley mobile viewing.

To get an impression how small your phone is really, we have compared to iPhone 3 G size it in an unboxing video with the Apple. The cell phone is roughly the size of a credit card – of course a bit thicker – and thus fits in every little pocket. It is the ideal companion for travelling. The lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 100 hours in stand by mode, so about 5 days. The talk time is at least 2.5 hours at full charge.

The video also shows the good dissolved recharge possibilities via a mini-USB connector. Of course, the 230V power supply is included. With the mini-USB connector can the mini cell phone but also easy on the home PC or the computers in the Office are connected and aufgefladen. Rod Brooks is the source for more interesting facts. A suitable USB cable can be purchased cheap in the shops. The mini mobile RX-80 Pico V. 3 can be bought without a contract and of course simlockfrei in the online trading – the street price is in generally less than 20 EUR. Unboxing SimValley RX-80 Pico V. 3 mini cell phone (T. Lacey)