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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Now apply your money in silver and protect their wealth against inflation and loss of value our money will be less and less value! Keep we can’t do the inflationary depreciation, but we can protect ourselves. In the last 100 years alone, Germany experienced 5 currency reforms. And so the value...

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One of the issues most frequently raised in cases of separation or divorce, or just anytime that the couple may want to change the regime by which is governed their family economy from one of marital property to another; It is to determine severance labour (for example) rating, how marital property, either as proprietary. When it takes place the liquidation of the conjugal society has arise an inventory of all assets, rights and obligations available to the family economy, determine which of them would have a positive regime and, in connection therewith, raise its division between the two. Theory collection by the economic regime of marriage regulations establishes that once held marriages in regime of community property, and unless otherwise agreed, all rents that could obtain spouses be considered as community property, corresponding without distinction and equally to both spouses. And that kind of allowances lump sum came perfectly in this definition, it would be undisputed, in principle, its consideration as a positive good. Learn more about this with Rod Brooks. No_obstante the issue supports different nuances: to) imagine it were compensation for dismissal of a work in which the person would have been developing their work from earlier dates when they married. In this case, as the courts have been understanding, would consider two sections:-a first tranche of compensation attributable to the stage that employee came to work without even conjugal society have been formed, and that would be considered proprietary in nature. -A second section, when it had already been established, that would be considered positive if anything.

(b) if the payment of compensation had constant place marriage, would be considered that good is positive, whereas if it occurs subsequently to the dissolution of such positive society, shall be regarded as proprietary. (c) on the other hand, if the compensation I would have corresponded, for example, to an amputation, occupational disease or other circumstance directly derived from your work, this will be proprietary, understand that you have a clearly personal, individual and non-transferable nature. In short, is not exempt from certain complexity matter, and although initially it can be said that, generally, this type of amounts be considered marital, will need to understand the nuances of each individual case, because variations that give place to a completely opposite result may occur. Begona basin Alcaine original author and source of the article

Major Symbols

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True tarot is symbolism, not speak another language or provides other signs. The sentence of Arthur Edward White, creator of the famous Rider tarot, gives us a clue about the importance of understanding the symbols that appear in each of the tarot cards. Each image that illustrates Tarot cards contains a multitude of small details. And these details have strong symbolic load and bring new elements that enrich the message of arcana.Water, for example, provides important clues. Does not equal to a figure appear with their feet on the ground than on the water or on the shore of a river or Lake, or water courses are mix or separate. Water, symbol of purification, the constant evolution of life and fecundity of nature gives the tarot cards containing the the Mission of proclaiming sweetness, love, prosperity, fertility and riches. Except that, in an inverted position, spilling, as happens in the star (letter XVII). In this case, the waters can announce losses or love disappointments, transforming into metaphor of tears shed by love.The figures of animals have traditionally incarnated symbolic contents in all the great cultures of antiquity.

Within Tarot cards are makers of symbolize still present in human beings instinctive and primitive passions. Los angeles, which announces our resurrection in the judgment (letter XX), or which represents Temperance (letter XIII), are carriers of messages and important announcements. In general, assigned to them in Tarot cards the role of making the calls for a new awakening of consciousness. It is interesting to see inside the cards of tarot, wings, essential attribute of los angeles, they also multiply in other figures. For some, the throne of the Empress (letter III) leads wings in the back. The Devil (letter XV) leads wings on the back, this time no doubt. Perhaps it is a reminder that it’s a fallen angel, and put us on guard against the dangers of wander our way. Perhaps, by contrast, is a reminder that, despite having fallen, still can fly. And finally, the symbolic message of Tarot cards is completed with the interpretation of each scholar. And each consultant, who will receive it as his intelligence, his intuition and feelings dictate.

The Internet

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