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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Professor Shi Dinghuan

Oerlikon solar is agreement with the Centre for international cooperation of Chinese society for renewable energy that on December 9, 2011 in Beijing announced strategic cooperation is the starting point for joint activities, to make better known the advantages of Oerlikon, thin film silicon technology...

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Jolla Principles

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The important one for me in psychology is not to have a knowledge or techniques of intervention that unifies the knowledge, becoming absolute. On American psychologist Carl Ransom Rogers, this studious professional contributed with the consolidation of the principles of Psychology Humanist and established the ACP. Been born in day 8 of January of 1902 in Oak Park, Chicago in the United States, Rogers belonged to a Christian family with religious principles fundamentalist. Contrary Rogers to the concepts of the determinismo, was based on the concepts philosophical of the existencialista theory, believing the freedom of the human being and its potential to choose as to change and to bring up to date its proper future. Rogers faleceu There in 4 of February in Jolla, in California (EVANS, 1979; HIPLITO, 1999).

The carried through psicoteraputica intervention in the perspective of the ACP is based on three basic principles: the unconditional positive consideration, the emptica understanding and the authenticity or congruence; beyond the atualizante trend that is the pillar of the theory of Carl Rogers where too much concepts circulate these. In the atendimentos with the customer, the therapist uses in practical its these principles as theoretical bedding that consist of: ) Acceptance: ' ' He is when the therapist not only considers the positive and negative material, the asset and the liabilities, brought for the customer, but also the particular configuration that this material presents at the moment of entrevista' ' (ROGERS, 1997, P. 137). b) Empatia: ' ' It means to penetrate in the perceptual world of the other and to feel themselves total to the will inside of it. It requires constant sensitivity stops with the changes that if verify in this person in relation to the meanings that it perceives, to the fear, to the anger, the ternura, to the confusion or what it wants that it/it is vivenciando' ' (ROGERS, 1977, p.73).

Columbia University

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Author Virginia Axline, is authority and internationally known in the technique of Ludoterapia in treatment of children with emotional riots. It studied in the State University of Ohio and Columbia University. She taught during 6 years in the College of Education and Medicine of the University of New York. She worked in research in the Department of Psychology of the University of Chicago. Currently the Dr Axline is engaged in its particular clinic in Ohio, where it continues to communicate its wisdom and professional ability through written conferences, consultations and workmanships.

Moreover, it teaches in the State University of Ohio. In this workmanship the author tells with certainty a lived situation in which she could make and tell its experiences; in the subject treated on the importance to ' ' Ludoterapia' '. The experience starts inside of a school where it studies there almost has two years a boy under the name of ' ' Dibs' ' , that pparently he was tachado for all as one been late mental, or even though autista. Its attitudes were capricious, it did not speak by no means, the principle. Some times sat down, dumb and property, during all morning, its period in the school; but it engatinhava around of the room, absorbed in itself exactly and off of the other children and the teacher.

Other times had violent accesses of anger. The professors, the psychologist and pediatra of the school were painful confused with it. He understood nobody it, therefore already they had attemped anyway to penetrate in its world and to discover the reason of its attitudes many absurd times. But nobody wise person what she transferred herself for cabecinha of that poor child. Dibs had a family that all can call ' ' perfeita' ' , its parents possuam money for any thing that it came to need and exactly thus he acted in different way.