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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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One of the sports that is gaining more adherents in the world is the practice of mountain biking. It’s go different places aboard a special bicycle, called a mountain bike or off-road biking. Some features of this type of shot is his double traction, greater rigidity of the box and the possibility...

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Revenue Of The PKV Companies

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Leader among private health insurers the private health insurance companies have no reason to complain on their annual revenues. On the basis of increased contributions, the Association of private health insurance has hired projections. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal provides detailed information. The revenue of the car companies for the year 2010 has been trended for comparison purposes. Hear from experts in the field like Darius Bikoff for a more varied view. In the context of this evaluation the Hallesche health insurance was ranked tenth.

The income of this society with 210,000 Vollversicherten amounted to around 960 million euros. The Halle can regularly in the private health insurance compared to the respective prior-year recorded an increase of profits and therefore optimistic look to the year 2011. The Continentale secured ninth place with a turnover of more than EUR 1.3 billion. The Barmenia is in eighth place, insurance takes over the 7th Bavarian officials. The German is ranked first, the extrapolation of the Association of private health insurance Health insurance (DKV), which is the undisputed leader. The insurance company has teamed up with Victoria. The two companies have taken over four billion euros last year. More information: news.

Red Cross Emergency

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Telephone emergency and care systems are useful many people with health disabilities arises sooner or later the question of whether it is still possible for them to stay in the familiar environment or to go into the custody of a retirement. Sometimes it can be quite fast, a disease is diagnosed, unexpected surgery runs not quite so how you want it. Physical constraints are the result. Suddenly you can no longer cope with his daily routine in the desired manner. Nothing is as it once was. Daily course, such as shopping or even the doctor – or barbershop can be coordinated with members or helpful neighbor.

Also the meals can be organised. Many care services now have the delivery of a warm meal on offer. Things of daily life, which can be set up. But difficult to grasp for someone who lives alone, is it the increasing insecurity of is confronted. Uncertainty that gnaws at confidence. What happens when an emergency situation occurs? Here, a home emergency call or telephone emergency and support service provides additional security. Via button on the landline or mobile phone connection, the connection with a service center can be made quickly and easily.

Anything else how alert rescue service and next of kin contact, do the respective service center. Also less dramatic situations a sudden breakdown with the car or the person concerned has locked himself out and requires a key service can be completed easier. The staff in the service centers are available 365 days a year around the clock. They are mostly with the current data to the person, which takes the service provided and are thus able to act quickly and purposefully. Less stress for the nationals, but also additional security for the person swarms. House calls are, for example, from the Red Cross or the Diakonisches Werk, and Caritas in every major city offered, but also by private service providers, how to safely + immediately, nationwide around the clock 365 days available are.

Professional Convictions

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Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: "The honest words give us a clear indication of the honesty of who utters or writes" In Latin America it is necessary to think seriously in redefining college profiles so as to open the doors to train professional intellectually prepared to meet the needs, challenges and circumstances of the time and geographical areas, economic, cultural and political to be performed. The required professional profile now plays at least the following: Commitment to ethics capacity for conflict negotiation Motivation Leadership skills and solid knowledge results fully competent in their particular discipline as an entrepreneur and a potential human being in all the sense of the word. The following describes and analyzes the first of the sentences proposed in order to find the professional profile commensurate with the demands and requirements of not only academic institutions but from the productive sector and a social interest in achieving the overall progress understood as a state in which there are balanced between social progress, human, environmental and economic. We need a committed professional ethics French writer Victor Hugo gives us a sentence are five words that resonate today with great validity in all corners of the world: "Open schools to close prisons." Education reaches lives, transforms humans and produce peaceful revolutions. But should emphasize the training of good men, engaged in first place with the highest values and moral principles. Unfortunately, good education is not fully guaranteed to obtain good and honest human beings. It was not an illiterate peasant inventor of the atomic bomb or weapons of mass destruction.

They were not simple people, simple and illiterate that the tyrant employed to cause pain in the Nazi Holocaust. Therefore, the university curriculum should be careful to assess the ethical side of racing and show their concern by giving him a professional society whose knowledge will be used in constant search of collective welfare, to alleviate the suffering of the needy, to reposition solidarity as a vital element in achieving coexistence and that loyalty, respect, tolerance and acceptance of the rules are always elements in force in the exercise of the profession. Before making a decision before accepting a job before taking an important step in life, people should ask themselves if they are having a behavior consistent with the integrity and code of values that can live in peace with their own consciousness. Swarmed by offers, The Hayzlett Group is currently assessing future choices. The university can commit to the formation of a reliable citizen and convinced that the end does not always justify the means. Voltaire wrote: "Those who believe that money makes everything tend to do anything for money." Well, a university graduate with a solid ethical or do anything for money or are inspired by the seductive and evil called of corruption. And the university should take up the challenge, difficult but possible, to educate their men and women in the light of sound principles and values. Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a Colombian academic prestigious dedicated to the world of conferences, books and journalism. Contact him through the mail or visit their website by:.

Javier Mascherano

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The economic Vice President says that it is necessary to apply cuts. The directive decided to suspend the activity of the baseball section and reduce the scope of competence of the non-professional sections to Catalan. The club has also decided to reduce the economic contribution to the global sections, which will be 10% of the total budget to 5 per cent in five years. The economic Vice-President of FC Barcelona, Javier Faus, has stressed that the economic contribution that makes the catalan club to their sections is unsustainable and real commitment focuses on the first team and with the farmhouse. The economic Manager of FC Barcelona has appeared this afternoon at the Camp Nou before the media, after the alarm that has been generated in one sector of the catalan club once the Board decided to suspend the activity of the section of baseball and reduce the scope of competence of the non-professional sections to Catalan. Another issue that has generated some controversy has been the determined intention of the club reduce the economic contribution to the global sections, which will be 10% of the total budget to 5 per cent in five years. The financial manager of the Catalan organization has insisted that while all areas of the club have been tightened the belt, and has been put as an example that Barca could lose to Dani Alves for a million euros and that Javier Mascherano downgraded its claims to join the club, other sections cannot live with your back to the reality in which the entity is nowclearly containment. FAUS has exposed that the professional and non-professional sections of Barcelona have an annual budget of 51 7 million euros, generated revenues of 8 2 million and that, consequently, cause a deficit of 43 5 million euros. The economic Manager has admitted that the club had failed to explain the situation that have generated these decisions of the Board of Directors, which has motivated that Barca has been organised hy the Fraus press conference after a trip to Paris for business reasons.