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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Solar Cycle

The Heating of the Land and the Phases of Cooling Result of the Solar Cycle of 1.470 years of Jack Phillips17 of September of 2007traduzido by lythe ribeiro a fact very little known that in 1996 three scientists, Willi Dansgaard of the Denmark, Hans Oeschger of Switzerland and Claude Lorius of France,...

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Reserve Biosphere

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The MB Committee Scientific Committee, met last February at the headquarters of the international body in Paris, proceeded to officially accept the proposal of biosphere reserve for Fuerteventura, elaborated by the Cabildo Insular in collaboration with other agencies such as the Canary Islands Government and the universities of La Laguna and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This fact means that the proposal will be high in the next session of the General Assembly of UNESCO, which will be held in the coming months and which discuss is the final approval and appointment proposal of Fuerteventura. The Cabildo’s President, Mario Cabrera, declared that the acceptance of the proposal by the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO means a recognition of all the work done in recent years in the development of ambitious, rich and concise language, but also inclusive, because account with a wide institutional consensus and a professional recognition verified by important scientific authorities. No However, the definitive approval of Fuerteventura’s proposal is not the culmination of a process, but the beginning of a crucial stage for the development of Fuerteventura, which must bear carried the placing of a biosphere reserve exemplary, respectful of the natural values of the island, promoting sustainable development, and conciliatory ethnographic activities of the island and its richness in biodiversityadded the insular President. DATA of the proposal the proposal of biosphere reserve of Fuerteventura comprises the entire territory of the island, besides a strip Navy five miles on the West Coast and three miles on the rest of the island. In total, reaches an extension of 352.812,6 ha., of which 165.664,3 HA. (47%) are the Earth’s environment and 187.148,3 HA.

(53%) corresponds to the marine environment. Its dimensions are therefore sufficient to fulfil the functions that are required, and are also far superior to the average of the Spanish biosphere reserves, estimated at 81.683 HA., in addition to having the largest surface in its marine area. Is tata as well as the first step to promote the Declaration of the National Park of arid areas of Fuerteventura, in whose project is also working base. The biosphere reserve of Fuerteventura arises with certain basic functions: function of conservation, focused on landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic variation. Foster sustainable economic and human development from socio-cultural and ecological points of view. Disseminate environmental and cultural characteristics for an adequate knowledge as the basis for its conservation. Provide support to demonstration projects, education and training on the environment and research and permanent observation in relation to local, regional, national and global conservation issues and sustainable development. Source: Fuerteventura magazine today original author and source of the article.

Generating Revenue

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Private Label rights allow you to create new products from original sources. It is a completely legal rproeso. This may involve a large number of market niches. If you also create a cover, logo and a chord web page, will have absolute control over the product. For example to create a new special report apart from a dozen of articles. There are rights of resale and private label (PLR), is very important to know the differences. Basically, resell rights allow you to resell a product and raise 100% of income for you.

In contrast, Private Label rights, known with the acronym PLR allow you to edit the product, modify, add or delete, making them a new product that belongs. We will study this a bit more in depth: unrestricted rights Private Label is the most flexible way of all rights and probably the most profitable. Practically you can do whatever you want with these products, including rename them, place your name as author in them or include it in a package along with other products. Regararlo can if you want or sell it with resale rights or also with rights Private Label. How dangerous this type of rights is that nothing prohibits customers the same product to sell that same day at half price and steal so all their sales.

Rights Private Label Similar to the unrestricted you can rewrite, edit and place your name on them. Rio- Tinto Group has plenty of information regarding this issue. But they usually have some limitation, as can not be marketed within the package where acquires them, not give them free of charge, etc. Master resale rights these rights allow you to resell the product but not edit it in any way. You cannot place your name in them and you cannot edit its contents. When the resale rights are Master also can sell resell rights and even also offer Master resale rights, allowing their customers to resell the product with resale rights. Resale rights are the simplest rights and although very profitable, are limited with respect to Private Label rights. You cannot change or an Word of the content nor offer resale rights. Where get PLR (Private Label) content in Spanish?

Keeping Government Afloat

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If money is not collected and distributed fairly then it is as if a direct subsidy to the government camp was made. They will drive down producer prices increasing, and this is not going to consider planting more attractive or soy or corn or trigram not want to produce more cornea these markets are destroyed. What about the farmers end up where? In Uruguay planting soybeans. There is no withholding. Not distorting taxes. Kirchner’s policy lies in the economy. In a good international exportable products.

What happens when grain prices end their bull run? Economic policy in Argentina is based on a plan: Plan Commodities. a En this scenario of uncertainty, many wondered where is the tipping point so that even soy, the main export of the country, is profitable. If that time arrives, the state does not have many places to collect money from the field and sustain the balance economics. According to The Nation. *** With the volatility index (VIX) at levels of 30, it is difficult not to wonder if it’s better to play the volatility or expected to pass. Well, according to one study, the second option is appropriate. In volatile periods, we are tempted to enter a thousand times to the market to catch up. Losing sight of that same volatility that made us lose money, remains. Faced with the reality of losing money, our instinct is to buy, sell, averaging up or when we calm down and we concluded that the failure to be actively involved, we generated a self-conviction that only thus, market will recover what we took.

Gregor Mendel

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The experiments of monge Austrian, Gregor Mendel, had given beginning to called science genetic, between them can be cited the results gotten with the experiences with peas of different colors, generating knowledge that make possible the development of the biotechnology, the middle of century XIX (Damascene, 2007). Some studies that had given beginning to the genetic improvement In 1953 Watson and Crick, two scientists of the university of Cambrigde, in England, had described the helical structure of the DNA? basic of any alive being, carrying molecule of the genetic information. At the beginning of years 70, the first transference of genes between different species occurred. The scientific community established rules of biossegurana for the research and the development of products with genetic modifications (CIB, 2009). An important fact so that the biotechnology in fact adentrasse to the market was in 1980, where the supreme Cut American North, granted the first patent one to be alive, an ancestry of bacteria capable to digest oil in accidents (MILK, 2000). Two years later, according to CIB (2009), in 1982 was developed the insulina for biotechnology, produced for modified bacteria. In 1983, U.S.A. allowed the pioneering international release of a OGM in the environment.

Syringae is about an ancestry of bacteria of the Pseudomonas species, genetically modified to hinder the ice crystal formation in the surface them plants, for agricultural regions citizens the frosts. Developed in the University of California, for the team of Steven Lindow (MILK, 2000). In 1993, the United States launched the first culture developed for the biotechnology: a long tomatoe life, called FlavSavr tomatoe, produced for the Calgene company. In the years of 1996 the first commercial plantation of the soy genetically modified occurred, in the United States. In 1997, the first plantation of the soy genetically modified in Argentina. No longer year of 1998, the CTNBio11 received the first order from release of the Monsanto company for the commerce of soy OGM Roundup Ready, resistant to the herbicida Roundup12, manufactured for the same company.