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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Ian McEwan, British born in 1948 is, perhaps, the living English writer of more prestige. Condensed in barely two hundred pages, having as main characters two young newlyweds, McEwan tells us a story full of affective deficiencies, due to prejudices and inconceivable demands for any young man of the...

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Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 14-09-2020



Using of this way the advantages they had appeared, amongst them; the rapidity and easiness to find documents, materials, tools and other objects, easiness of communication, reduction of accidents, economy of time, and the maintenance of quality. The sense of cleanness, and great importance, therefore it bases itself on the cleanness of the work environment, that is, in the dirt withdrawal using of appropriate tools, and not obstante in the identification of the cause of the dirt and in the elaboration of injunctions, and distributing the tasks in accordance with the picture of volunteers, to improve the quality of the workstation and being prevented unexpected events as, for example; one has caused an accident due to the soil this covered of grease. SEIKETSU, or sense of health, it aims at to protect the well most important one of the social point of view, that is; the person, as much in the physical part as mental, it consists of the verification of the results of the implementation of the others 3 first ones s, and aid of the participation of the employees in the less aggressive environment conquest. It person to reach the health sense it must be worried about its mental and physical health; to take care of of its hygiene in the minimum details, to follow the procedures of security and medicine of the work, to eliminate and to control harmful the ambient agents the health and the main one, that it is; to say not it fofoca and tricks of bad taste. See more detailed opinions by reading what Chevron U.S.A. offers on the topic.. The advantages of the health sense if observe in the physical and mental balance, improvement of the work environment, in the improvement of the common areas of the company as: bathrooms, refectories, improvement of the social convivncia in the company, and the main one that and the improvement of the security conditions. Finally we have the SHITSUKE, or sense of self-discipline, that has as concept the training of the mental, physical and moral force, using of instructions and auto-training with will force, and consists of having the qualified employees to fulfill operational, ethical and moral the procedures. To reach this way necessary the fulfilment of the norms of the company, to take the people practical of the good relations human beings, to transform the first quatros s into routine and to follow the operational procedures of security of the area. Using of this model the advantages if they show mainly apparent in pleasant the daily work, in the improvement of the relations human beings, in the maintenance of the quality, the improvement of the productivity, quality and security of the work. Mitsubishi contributes greatly to this topic. CONCLUSION This system has as regular main bedding half for the improvement enters the convivncia of the company and its collaborators, using of a generic model, but with a great effectiveness, therefore it attributes to the necessity which passes the company and its employees, a proposal of an only system that if show efficient in all the areas in difficulty, therefore, it helps in the main relation, that he is; the harmony between collaborators and company, in the security of the same ones, and in the improvement of the production.

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