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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Personal marketing not only is to see itself well, is more than that. It is to be able to maintain a good conversation and to smile. Daniel goleman, in their book ” Intelligence emocional” to mention people who are excellent in the academic tasks and even in their level of intelligence, arrive...

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Reserve Biosphere

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 30-12-2017

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The MB Committee Scientific Committee, met last February at the headquarters of the international body in Paris, proceeded to officially accept the proposal of biosphere reserve for Fuerteventura, elaborated by the Cabildo Insular in collaboration with other agencies such as the Canary Islands Government and the universities of La Laguna and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This fact means that the proposal will be high in the next session of the General Assembly of UNESCO, which will be held in the coming months and which discuss is the final approval and appointment proposal of Fuerteventura. The Cabildo’s President, Mario Cabrera, declared that the acceptance of the proposal by the Scientific Committee of the UNESCO means a recognition of all the work done in recent years in the development of ambitious, rich and concise language, but also inclusive, because account with a wide institutional consensus and a professional recognition verified by important scientific authorities. No However, the definitive approval of Fuerteventura’s proposal is not the culmination of a process, but the beginning of a crucial stage for the development of Fuerteventura, which must bear carried the placing of a biosphere reserve exemplary, respectful of the natural values of the island, promoting sustainable development, and conciliatory ethnographic activities of the island and its richness in biodiversityadded the insular President. DATA of the proposal the proposal of biosphere reserve of Fuerteventura comprises the entire territory of the island, besides a strip Navy five miles on the West Coast and three miles on the rest of the island. In total, reaches an extension of 352.812,6 ha., of which 165.664,3 HA. (47%) are the Earth’s environment and 187.148,3 HA.

(53%) corresponds to the marine environment. Its dimensions are therefore sufficient to fulfil the functions that are required, and are also far superior to the average of the Spanish biosphere reserves, estimated at 81.683 HA., in addition to having the largest surface in its marine area. Is tata as well as the first step to promote the Declaration of the National Park of arid areas of Fuerteventura, in whose project is also working base. The biosphere reserve of Fuerteventura arises with certain basic functions: function of conservation, focused on landscapes, ecosystems, species and genetic variation. Foster sustainable economic and human development from socio-cultural and ecological points of view. Disseminate environmental and cultural characteristics for an adequate knowledge as the basis for its conservation. Provide support to demonstration projects, education and training on the environment and research and permanent observation in relation to local, regional, national and global conservation issues and sustainable development. Source: Fuerteventura magazine today original author and source of the article.

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