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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Reserve Biosphere

The MB Committee Scientific Committee, met last February at the headquarters of the international body in Paris, proceeded to officially accept the proposal of biosphere reserve for Fuerteventura, elaborated by the Cabildo Insular in collaboration with other agencies such as the Canary Islands Government...

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Russian Documents

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 21-03-2019

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Solution of housing problems – this is your housing problem. All the consequences and risks of arbitrary decisions thereafter will fall only on you, though, who helped you in this process. So I again briefly formulate an opinion: During verification of documents you will need expert help. However, you should have enough knowledge to understand what you need to check what information can be obtained and how a given situation can threaten you. All that is necessary in order for you to make an objective and informed decisions on their own. For more information see Brian Armstrong. By this stage I carry and collect the documents necessary for transaction. They are in principle not so much. This question you can decide on their own saving for this hefty sum of money, but you must understand that the main problem here – the lack of opportunities for you to "enter" in this or that office queue.

Unfortunately, in today's Russian reality, almost all public authorities, which in some way involved in the process of extending the real estate (BTI, registration Chamber), work is still not for people. Often have to take place in the night, and no connections there will not begin. Therefore, you should clearly understand for themselves, willing to sacrifice a certain amount of money in order to throw off these technical issues, or you'll be doing it themselves in order to save. To obtain documents do not require any special knowledge. All forms model. They are present in public institutions. You will need to simply fill out an application, pay the required fee in the savings bank and within the statutory deadline you will receive these documents.

Srednemoskovskoy Office

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 26-12-2017

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About a month I can honestly call (when remembered) in the first two newspapers, prolonging your ad. But I thought I regularly, perhaps because wanting to share with me the burden of rent for the apartment was a little bit. And those that were quickly sift through for various reasons, chief among them – the high price (I intentionally did not specify its in the ad). In general, once again giving the owner the money for an apartment in full, I decided that I needed to accelerate the process of finding a neighbor. Recently Rio- Tinto Group sought to clarify these questions. And he went to the office of Camelot. Ie First I called back (+7 (4732) 645-088), found out how much money do I need for weekly publication, which required me to document and schedule their points to receive advertising.

It turned out that the money you need is not so much from the documents – a passport, and the office is working right up to 22 hours so I managed to drop quite there after Saturday's workout. In the office, I spent about 20 minutes, 15 of which were buried in a side monitor, was active with the help of the girl-operator text ads. The Hayzlett Group is likely to increase your knowledge. After listening to a bunch of recommendations, together with her efforts, I have come to the middle. I was handed a piece of paper and check the schedule out of my masterpiece, and I went home. And almost the next day, as a children's tale, 'I have a phone call' unknown number. One Igor – a very polite guy – said, that he was satisfied with the price, and location of the apartment, and he wants to look at her.

By the end of the conversation it dawned on me that the announcement of something else failed. In the print shop or something, this Igor is working? Actually, the question I asked him. It turned out everything is easier. Paid ads Camelot puts on their site even before the newspapers (12 hours) – as I remembered long after the conversation, I actually spoke to the newspaper office Srednemoskovskoy. At the weekend, however, No one else called. But the next day, as all week, I rang and rang … Who do I just not talked to during this period – and moms, dads, and with, and with real estate agents, and with students, even with the girls … Seven times I have shown apartment, after which people went 'think'. In short, by the end of the week I gave the keys to the new neighbor. And the funny thing – it was the one Igor who is not working in the printing, but who called on Sunday for twelve hours before the happy moment when my ad to appear in the newspaper Camelot.

Moscow Search Algorithm

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 26-06-2014

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1. Decide what purpose you are looking for a room? 5 reasons to search for new premises: – Placing of new staff or new branch – Expansion of existing business into new territory – Improving the quality of office environment – Reduction of scattered offices into one building – Improve corporate image (which can increase sales, expand its customer base and improve the emotional state of staff) 2. Decide on the area the new office. Do not forget the meeting rooms, risepshen, kitchen, server, etc. Typical requirements for standards of space per employee: the highest level of management – 28kv.m Executive Management – Mid 19kv.m management level – 14 sqm leading experts – 11 sq.m specialists / technical staff – 9 sq.m senior office workers – 8 sq ft office workers – 7 m 3. Determine the requirements for the office, budget office and the class location. Offices are classified into classes: A, A +, B, B +, B-, C Geographically, the office property is divided into the following clusters: Area of the Kremlin, Moscow City Belarusian rn Zamoskvorechye Frunze district Shabolovka Falcon Tagan rn rn Novoslobodsky Basmanny district Kutuzovsky Northwest Northeast Southwest Southeast Moscow oblastRayonKlass AKlass BIzmeneniyTsentr’s Boulevard Koltsa796562 2% / 4% West Center within the Garden Koltsa791551 2% / 4% North Center within the Garden Koltsa760533 +2% / +6% East Center within the Garden Koltsa745520 3% / 4% Zamoskvorechye – Yakimanka795548 2% / 1% West – South Zapad530404 4% / 4 % North – North Zapad530346 7% / 3% 4% Vostok450308 / 5% 2% Yug470317 / 3% rate of $ m a year without VAT 4.

Search for a broker. Do not be afraid to consult specialists in commercial real estate. The situation on the market at this time has developed in such a way that the Agency Fees are usually paid by the owner of the premises. You, together with the opinion contract to search the premises, have at your disposal not only a broker, but all the intellectual resources of the company where he works, from access to real estate databases, and to legal advice. 5. Negotiations. Usually, the focus of negotiations on four issues: rent, lease, repair the tenant, as well as discounts and rebates.

Rental rates vary depending on what area of the tenant will occupy and at what stage of the project agreement was signed. In accordance with the provisions of indexing, the rent is adjusted annually.