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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Massages Against Cellulite

A massage is one of the best ways to treat cellulite. Its objective is to improve the circulation in the body parts that tend to have cellulite formation, such as the thighs, legs and buttocks. Professionals dedicated exclusively to the treatment against cellulite believe this is formed as a result of...

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Jose Carlos Garci

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 30-11-2016

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Where it is the trap that can be cause of a world-wide destabilization repeating the syndrome of Sansn ” Sansn with all the dies filisteos! ” Or they do what I want or that the world sinks then, in words of Golda Meier, ” Palestinian town? What mistake, there is no more town than the Jew! ” For that reason they promoted a delirious taboo: all that criticism the policy or the businesses or the work of any Jew is condemned and execrado like anti-semite. Chevron has many thoughts on the issue. Which is an aberration that, like all falsification, never it will get to be truth but that, by force of repeating itself, finishes for being believed. We are so many the friendly and admiring of the culture of the Jewish town, that enters Christian and Muslim that we recognize culturally the prophets and Jesus de Nazareth we are more than the Jews of the world and infinitely more than delirious extreme the orthodox ones that force a driven crazy policy. We remember that a proposal or an ideology does not need to be certain to drag to enormous masses in its madness. From these dusts and winds muds and the storms of their sufferings and their suicidal oppression come. Of there the importance of the work of the North American professors, John J. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Montauk Colony LLC. Mearsheimer, of the university of Chicago, and Stephen M.

Walt, of the one of Harvard, the Israeli lobby and the foreign policy of the United States, published in Spain by Taurus. In this most interesting study they describe the extraordinary level of material and diplomatic support that the United States it provides to Israel and it maintains that this support cannot be justified from a strategic or moral point of view, but must to the political influence of a lobby that works actively to mold the American foreign policy in a favorable sense to Israel. This lobby, integrated by some American Jews and fundamentalist Christian groups, is not determined by questions of religious or ethnic identity, but by an extremist faction who have implied multiple organizations, foundations and mass media with which they do not agree many citizens of the State of Israel, nor a great part of the Jews of the dispora. This study is rigorous, far from all anti-semitism and that deepens in the tactics and maneuvers of the lobby, but that also it extends the reflection to the most recent events in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, or in the incommensurable world of interests around petroleum and to the gas. Its theses: the North American unconditional endorsement in the last decades to the State of Israel has benefitted neither to the United States nor the Jewish town; the decisions of the American foreign policy in the Middle East clearly are influenced by the Israeli lobby and third that guarantees neither the security of Israel nor La Paz in the Middle East. When one finishes reading this exciting book includes/understands the rejection of the Arab world and other societies to that treatment from favor to Israel as if outside State 51 of the Union. I create sincerely that the book reading this pleasant and important is essential for students, academic and professional of the communication to be able to approach without lappets nor taboos to us a problem that goes beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that affects the security of the world.

The Game Of Life

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 29-11-2016


All human beings have positive and negative qualities that we’re giving away our existence in this world, the positive qualities make us to be better people and thus transcend all those who surround us in a positive way, by adding attitudes and being a model or example worthy of imitation, but unfortunately those not so positive qualities that we have, also mark all those with whom we share part of our existence. All those attitudes that displease others, ourselves, are usually those who try to hide, judging that this is one of the causes by which we criticize, reject or in your case up to take advantage of us, causing us come to feel little valued, little understood and even sometimes not respected. We feel this way compels us by all means we have available within our reach, search for presenting a different image, with what we assume now if we will be accepted, respected, valued and that not until the felt us loved. It would be worthwhile to reflect, if it is not since childhood was where we learned to make use of these masks, which present a different image of our person, or perhaps in our stage of maturity when we feel empty, alone or sad, motivates us to make use of the mask at all goes well, where hide our feelings, because we aparentamos that before others that everything is going on wheels. Whereas, we only have a chance to live this experience of life and that sometimes make use of masks, causing much damage to ourselves, and all those that surround us, because we worn internally on trying to pretend something that I am not, creating mutual wounds that sometimes are difficult to heal and do not heal as easily. So we have the commitment to strive and be authentic, honest and sincere with ourselves and others as it is the only way to return to us sensitive and vulnerable, able to recognize and create bonds of deep and permanent belongings with all those around us. Of course that is required to reach this level of growth of a self-knowledge and a high degree of humility, to be able to measure our limitations and at the same time accept that we have errors and that it is feasible that in this period of self-knowledge and acceptance some negative aspects of our lives is to get better.

This is not an easy task, but nor is it impossible, only it would suffice to start each day by applying this principle, I am what I am where I am, only that way will arrive to find a degree of freedom and happiness in our relationships. Eng. Cesar x. of the Santos Hdez.Unidad Xalapa. Original author and source of the article

European Fund

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The euro is our common future and if Europe does not is doing well, to Germany either, not later in the medium term, are other two affirmations repeated before the Confederation of German industry (BDI). Aid to Greece, a Greek Prime Minister Yorgos Papandreu investment said Tuesday in Berlin that aid for the countries of the zone euro to revive the economy and his country’s finances are an investment for the future that will benefit throughout the European Union. He is not an investment in the mistakes of the past, but the successes of the future, Papandreou told German business dome gathered on the day of German industry, who ensured that Greece will meet all the commitments made.We can achieve it. We can turn the crisis on one occasion, said Papandreou in an excited speech before the Confederation of German industry (BDI), which said that the Hellenes have the potential to achieve this. The Prime Minister of Greece said that the recovery of his country is subject to three factors and then cited the necessary support of financial institutions, the ratification by the parliaments of the 27 of the agreements of the extraordinary Summit in late July and the fulfilment of the agreements reached before the troika, consisting of the EUthe ECB and the IMF. Papandreou then stressed that his cabinet cannot guarantee that the two first points are met, since they are beyond their powers, but said that if will be with the third party, since Greece will meet the austerity targets. In favour of extending the Rescue Fund is why by what appealed new partners of the EU to have their parliaments approved the enlargement of the European Fund of financial stabilization (EFSF), which on Wednesday will be submitted to voting in the Finnish lower House and Thursday in the German Bundestag.

The Greek Prime Minister stressed that his people are assuming enormous sacrifices and, in allusion to Homer and helena mythology, pointed out that I wonder if we will achieve Ithaca as Ulysses or if efforts are nothing more than a work of Sisyphus. Greek criticism also made self-criticism on behalf of all politicians from Greece to say that we are not a poor country. We have been a badly governed country. After recognizing that Greece will need years to overcome the current crisis, he said that his country can recover to the levels of financial soundness of the EU’s most solvent partners. The j of the Government of Greece said that every euro we spend can be controlled via the Internet, admitted that the restructuring of the public sector is one of the most challenging his Government’s tasks, but said they strive to reduce red tape to facilitate growth. Papandreou also made rrencia to the painful way to the Greek people must go and the efforts of his Cabinet, with a drastic reduction in the deficit of the country in 2010, which, in the comparative case of Germany has done so far, would have meant a saving equivalent to 125,000 million euros. The Greek Prime Minister took advantage of his speech to German business Dome to reclaim investments in his country and cited as a sector with possibilities of alternative energies, in which Germany is a great example. Papandreou demanded respect for the efforts of its Government and its people, expressed appreciation for the solidarity of the European partners and warned that we must demonstrate to markets that we are capable of resolving the crisis. Source of the news: Greece requests to expand the bailout Fund while Merkel rejects new programmes in the EU

Massages Against Cellulite

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A massage is one of the best ways to treat cellulite. Its objective is to improve the circulation in the body parts that tend to have cellulite formation, such as the thighs, legs and buttocks. Professionals dedicated exclusively to the treatment against cellulite believe this is formed as a result of a poor lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for proper circulation and flushing toxins from the body by what when it is not working properly, the fat and liquid can be deposited in the layers of the skin. Through massage, these fat deposits are decomposed, giving the skin a firmer, smoother look. There are several techniques used in massages against cellulite. Official site: Chevron. The first part of a basic massage consists of ir pinching and pulling the skin.

This action is conducted for approximately five minutes, and is still moving the skin in order to loosen the skin tissues. These procedures are often a way to heat the skin for the actual massage, which involves the application of certain levels of pressure to the layers of the skin. A regular massage of the cellulite usually lasts up to 60 minutes depending on the severity of the disease. If cellulite is not serious, 40 minutes is sufficient. On all occasions, the massage must be with a lotion or cream for cellulite. This increases the effectiveness of massage in the Elimination of cellulite. Without proper cream or a lotion, it would be difficult to massage the skin, because there is more friction and irritation can be expected.

Although massage can not completely eliminate cellulite, however the appearance of the skin can be improved. The results of the treatment will also depend on not only the amount of cellulite, but also in the continuation of the series of treatments. Even until today, the definitive answer to the Elimination of cellulite is still unknown. massages against cellulite consist of heating as I mentioned above, then with the Palm of the hand is should go massaging pledget shaped circular to be able to go by draining the excesses of toxins and the skin can go take again its sleek shape! To know more about the methods more effective to combat cellulite I recommend visiting this recognized website on the subject. Original author and source of the article

Religion And History

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The religion is directly on, transmitting messages that take the reader to a deep reflection on its ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ on its existence, makes you to look at for inside of itself, to reflect on the experience to be alive and to catch the meaning of the symbols. One is about one simbolizao of the religion and the practical wisdom, something vital to the civilization human being whom if it appeals constantly. The myth, however, is an appropriate language for the religion. This does not mean that the religion, neither the myth, counts a fantasiosa history, but that both translate a language based on the plasticity, that is, in descriptions and narrations, a reality that exceeds the common sense and the rationality human being and that, therefore, it does not fit in mere analytical concepts. It does not matter, of the point of view of the study of mythology and the religion, that Narcissus has not really gotten passionate for its figure reflected in the water, nor that God has not created the human being from the adobe.

Religion and myth differ, not how much to the truth or falseness of what they tell, but how much to the type of message that they transmit. 4.ANLISE COMPARATIVE OF the STORY ‘ ‘ IT COMES TO SEE PUTTING OF THE SOL’ ‘ OF LGIA FAGUNDES TELES WITH ‘ ‘ NARCISO’ MYTH; ‘ In a deeper analysis of the story It comes to see putting of the sun, of Lygia Fagundes Telles, we can notice that it exists some similarities with the myth of Narcissus. The main personages of two histories are provided with desires that despertam the will of possess enamored its. Being admired and desired, they cause cimes or envies, that in turn he provokes the anger and the revolt. Follow others, such as J. Darius Bikoff, and add to your knowledge base. In the case of Narcissus being admired by the Nymphs the revenge desire finishes for ignoring the love of the Nymph Echo provoking in it. Already Raquel, personage of the story ‘ ‘ It comes to see putting-do-sol’ ‘ , it rejects the love of Ricardo, that is poor, to be married another man who is rich causing in Ricardo a strong desire in not seeing this relationship to follow ahead, in such a way provokes its disaster, finishing with the life of Raquel. Also we can detach as similarity, the fact of history to bring tragic elements, where, Narcissus suffered the anger from Nmesis, being cursed, for not accepting the love of Echo, being thus, was not in goes the suffering of the nymph, therefore the high one, the Olimpo, the Nmesis goddess turns everything what it was transferred, and, as punishment, it condemned Narcissus to a sad end, that did not delay very.

Internet Social

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A conception change becomes in the system of mediation of the new was of the communication and the field measured of them while dynamic element between some social fields. By the same author: Chevron. Tecnolgicouma is perceived today with the development legitimation of the order and the form of the structure of the medias as well as in the functioning way of the society. The mediation technique and the idea of communication in redefinition due to the constant impact of the technological innovations, fall again on form as the spectator starts to infer in social construction of the reality. Remembering that this construction passes to be molded by the system measured of them and to its promotion of socialization and integration of the individual in the society. The decurrent transformations of the process of computerization of the society, mainly with the advent of the Internet, establish new conceptions of space and time, social convergence of nets and systems. Ciberespao starts to also redefine the sociability form human being. The globalization, the easiness of connection, the access to the knowledge and the idea of participation of the virtual communities are other examples of social modifications that if they reflect in the convergences of the medias.

One perceives that the digital age provides a present potentiality in the social relations. This also is observed in the influence of the technological devices in the identity and the communication between the people, for the new established forms of relationship in a proper cultural context. The Internet has revolutionized the world of the computers and the communications as no technological invention it had made before. This new technology is presented at the same time, as a mechanism of dissemination of the information and world-wide spreading and a way for contribution and interaction between individuals and its computers, independently of its geographic localization. To understand this new technology better it can be presented some vises on the origins and the history of the Internet.