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The important one for me in psychology is not to have a knowledge or techniques of intervention that unifies the knowledge, becoming absolute. On American psychologist Carl Ransom Rogers, this studious professional contributed with the consolidation of the principles of Psychology Humanist and established...

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Day Of The Woman: Day Of Dilma

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 15-05-2014



To each day 08 of March, some commemorations if expand in the cities: the women are congratulated by ' ' its dia' '. They receive flowers in the traffic light, the restaurant; they receive congratulaes for where they pass. Joust homage, but mere recognition, without new positionings and respect, sketches a contestvel demaggico speech. Let us recollect that the feminine fight is arduous and already lasts years. But she is necessary to stand out: Brazil lives, in 2011, a historical moment. We have first the days of the women under the leadership politics of a woman. President Dilma Rousseff represents progress and matureness politician, social and historical of our country.

We cannot commemorate with the mesmice of always, need to enhance the instant, to enaltecer the representation of this fact and to bradar against the injustices that still remain latent and intrinsic in our society. In each sector of our life it is social, familiar, we can carry through diverse ' ' leituras' ' of the paper of the woman. On the basis of this, we observe literature: several women had been created (by men? you celebrate writers) and had gained life proper. These personages had started to exist because they represent other women who cry, they love, they fight, they defend its offspring, its interests, its country, defend its classroom. In the social scope, we come across in them with the common women, the responsible ones for the enormous collective gear. The domestic, the collector of bus, the wives, mothers, children, politics, personages of the daily world. They also are strong, of fight, also demarcate its paper of woman. Then, she appears, in way to as much, another personage.

Who is Dilma? The one that book it belongs? It belongs to the book of the evolution of the Brazilian woman. She lived deeply the military dictatorship and she suffered consequncias from this period. It represents the woman-mother, woman-grandmother, woman capable to tame and to occupy space that not age of woman. However valley to remember Dilma was not created by one celebrates writer, was created by millions of Brazilians who had bet in it its hopes. The election of Dilma it constitutes honors to the woman. Congratulations to all the Brazilian women!

World Health Organization

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 14-05-2014


Asthma is to the World Health Organization: asthma is a chronic disease characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing, which vary in severity and frequency of one person to another. The symptoms may occur several times a day or a week, and some people are aggravated during physical activity or at night that is shortness of breath? It is that feeling of shortness of breath, and wheezing? that whistle or moan that feels in the mouth and chest that are fighting for breath did you know that many famous sportsmen live with this disease, which does not prevents them from carrying out high competition sports? some of them are: David Beckham (England) football champion of England; English League Cup; Champions League, Spanish League champion. Dennis Rodman (USA) Player of basketball in the NBA. Jackie Joyner-Kersee (USA) runner in athletics. Six times in Games gold medalalla Olympic. Tom Dolan (USA) swimmer.

Record of the 400 meters world and Olympic gold medalist. Miguel Indurain (Spain) professional road bicycle racer. Five time winner of the Tour de France, the world champion and Olympic gold medalist. Jose Luis Gonzalez (Spain) runner in athletics. 1500 M indoor world record. Kurt Grote (USA) swimmer. In 1996 Olympic gold medalist Bruce Davidson (USA) equestrian medallist of gold and silver Olmipico. Nancy Hogshead (USA) swimmer.

Three times Olympic gold medalist. Bill Kock (USA) skier’s background medallist Olmpico. Jim (Catfish) Hunter (USA) baseball player. Alex Zuelle (Switzerland) cyclist winner of the vuelta in Spain. History tells us that in one of the encounters of the army of Che Guevara and the troops of Batista, who had a military force far superior to the of the Commander, the latter were forced to flee scaling a steep sierra slopes to take cover. At that time the Che was in one of the worst access to asthma suffered by him so far, so much so that a teammate had to load it on his shoulders to prevent it were captured. After a moment of persecution the Batista’s army began a strong onslaught with mortars and machine guns. At that time Che Guevara forgetting their lack of air and unrest started to run, ahead of even surpassing fellow and the cima and finding a place for sure. Rate of this fact Che Guevara used to joke there is no better treatment for an asthma attack than the fire of the enemy on the basis of this anecdote we can ask ourselves what is asthma? What influences the psychological factor in asthma attacks? We cannot act on this factor for the treatment of asthma? Luckily today we have very effective in the treatment of asthma and prevention of their attacks, but there are very simple factors which together can change the course of asthma. I hope that les has interested thank you!