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Since Silicon Valley, has, in recent years, become a very social place, boasting a variety of events, this organization was established to ensure that one’s message is expressed accurately and impressively.  It was discovered by the creators of this website, that there is a limited attention span...

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Private Label rights allow you to create new products from original sources. It is a completely legal rproeso. This may involve a large number of market niches. If you also create a cover, logo and a chord web page, will have absolute control over the product. For example to create a new special report...

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Moscow Transport Union

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 02-06-2020

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Since January 2009 in the capital by force of law "On taxi in Moscow", which was developed and discussed over the past few years. This is the first in the history of paper to regulate the taxi traffic in the city. The purpose of the law – to make the market a taxi in Moscow, more civilized, to protect the interests of citizens, to ensure "proper" competition, wiping out those carriers who are at risk not only own lives but the lives, health of passengers. At the moment, need capital to taxi is 25 thousand cars. According to the Moscow Transport Union (MTS), the number of legal taxis in Moscow reached 9000 cars, according to their seriously lacking to meet the needs of the market. Meanwhile, according to experts, ply the city streets up to 40 thousand private cabs and 'bombed'. Nobody knows who they are and from where in the end and delivered as passengers, and will remain there yourself while still alive. Mitsubishi shines more light on the discussion. Despite the fact that illegal taxi drivers make a furious competition, no one is driving prices down.

The result is that Muscovites often forced to use expensive, poor quality and unsafe use private carters, official trucking companies not protected from unlawful competition, and the state treasury is not routinely doschityvaetsya taxes collected. This situation necessitated the development, adoption and enforcement of the law regulating the work of a taxi in the capital. Act came into force involves the creation and maintenance of the Register of carriers and taxi services, "Moscow City taxi." The inclusion of a specific carrier in the register should be made on his application for free. A carrier wishing to get into the registry, must meet certain requirements relating to drivers and vehicles. Drivers must have work experience of at least three years old, fluent in Russian and be able to navigate the city streets, and taxi cars should be equipped with an electronic taximeter and comply with environmental safety standards. Law assumes that the city authorities will support the bona fide companies included in the register of carriers by providing the right to use the city taxi rank and privileges for taxes. It would seem that the law provides comfortable conditions for legitimate taxi, but it remains unclear why the the market should go private cabs, which says nothing in the law. The law came into force and was working, but no passengers, the carrier did not notice the changes for the better.

Taxis still remains inaccessible form of public transport, and conscientious companies are still experiencing the oppression of illegal competition. However, to draw conclusions too early. To any law began to take some work time and a lot of extra work. It is not enough to adopt new rules to ensure their right to life. But criticism and discontent – the constant companion of any innovation. Road by walking, and the first step to civilized taxi in Moscow is already made.

Courier Services

Posted by Pat | Posted in News | Posted on 14-04-2019

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Companies in the courier service set. In Moscow alone there are over three hundred companies are constantly working, one way or another, "flashing" in the media. For more information see this site: Jeffrey Hayzlett . Registered and no known set of courier services. A if we take Russia as a whole, they are in every city of hundred. You ask, how do you choose among quality and reliable company? I will say so.

Among the vast number can be identified about ten courier companies are leaders and their market share is about seventy percent, and the rest is divided between thirty percent of the market into small pieces. I would like to talk about a company that belongs to top ten – it's National Courier Service. This company delivers, as the letters and goods across Moscow and Belgorod Nalchik in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, as well as around the world. Transportation is carried by that service delivery on their own company's regional network, without resorting to third-party intermediary services of courier companies. Proven technology over the years allows for the rapid transport of freight, as ordinary parcels, and non-standard goods requiring special conditions.

A wide range of tariff plans and additional services allow customers to entrust the job of transporting, sorting, packing one service delivery. Taking off all the problems associated with the transportation of items to the recipients. Such companies in the courier services are not many. If you say rather than one. Many companies can not offer their customers a wide range of tariff proposals, among other "lame" regional network or they resort to mediation services, and sent through companies such as National Express service. Nanional Courier Service provides transportation, as in large cities of Russia and CIS Worldwide, and in the remote villages of Russia, CIS and World, which is also an advantage of this company. Of the immense number of courier companies, about 80% carry only the transport of city and region, or serve a small portion of settlements or customers are one type of transport with fixed-term carriage leaving the customer to choose from. The quality of these companies, definitely lame and poor. Also, many companies do not have enough material and financial resources, lack of professional staffing specialists do not allow these companies to grow. National Courier Service offers its clients choose the best tariff plan, combined price and terms of carriage. Due to the fact that the company works directly with carriers and on their own transports, like parcels, and goods, the price of transportation is lower than the competition. The company's clients work with only one company providing courier services, which greatly simplifies life for customers. They deprive themselves of "pleasure" send a letter to Moscow through a single company, rather than the standard cargo to Russia through a different company, urgent packages through a third company, and so on. Ultimately, this leads to confusion and confusion of the calculations, is some additional inconvenience for the customer, as well as depriving customers of providing the total discount when working with one company. We invite you to deprive yourself of these problems and to communicate with the universal delivery service with such as the National Courier Service.